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Name/Version: M5816mk2 1.5
Author: hyakken  
Description: version 2 of M5816

expanded step size function(added /2, /4)
added clock reset function
expanded lfo function(phase, noise)
added step slider unit for controlling parameters
added midi assignable version
changed interface design


improved timing of clock reset function
added step randomize/clear function
"r c" buttons didn't visible for midi assignment(fixed)

new clock version

Device Details

Tags lfo, sequencer
Live Version Used: 9.6
Max Version Used: 7.1
Date Added: Dec 31 2015 19:02:24
Date Last Updated: Feb 20 2016 23:55:27
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Attribution


Hey, Happy New Year!
I love that each step control has its own random/clear button. Are these random buttons visible to midi or keyboard assignment?


Happy new year!

I will add step randomize/clear function with next update.

And sorry, "r c" buttons are not visible for midi assignment.
I will fix this.

Excellent really love this, I love the Roland 185 sequencer & this takes it in a new direction, it has everything, generating so many ideas.


Thank you!

Hey Hyakken, always happy to see an update in my email

Is the 1.5beta stable at this point? What are the trade-offs and stability between the two clocks to warrant such a leap? Should I be using 1.5?

Also, I noticed the bundle comes with two copies of 1.02, one labeled midi. Is the only difference that the LFO's are pre-selected to control midi on one copy? In other words, are they effectively the same device?

Cheers to you



I think v1.5beta is stable.
but v1.5beta has two running directions at the moment.

In v1.5b, clock will not jump, when you set step size or skip on/off.
So if you need to use live situation, v1.5b is much better than previous version.

and difference between 1.02 and 1.02midi is midi mappable or not.
if you need to control params from midi controller,
you should use midi version.


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