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Name | Version: BOOM 2.0
Author: rbrt23
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: BOOM is a distortion with an attached feedback-circuitry that can do anything from not too bad sounding DRIVE to TOTAL DESTRUCTION.

actually, you might even get some nice-sounding textures out of it,
but going by the interface,it's more about fucking things up.
be careful with the 'impact' - knob!

BOOM is for free but donations are highly appreciated!

requires ableton live 9.1 and up and max/msp 6.1.9 and up


Live Version Used: 9.2
Max Version Used: 7.0.4
Date Added: Jul 24 2015 19:24:23
Date Last Updated: Jul 24 2015 19:25:09
Downloads: 2824
License: AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives
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Device File: BOOM_2.0.amxd


Thihs is fucking great! Nice job!
This is great man thanks for the device! Is there any way you can enable the automation for all of the knobs, and fix the amount of undo messages this creates.
@uuuhu HELL yeah!thanx!
@jeffromusic ups? I have a look at the Automation Settings..
great work!

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