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Name | Version: SEQ1 1.1
Author: hyakken
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: additional patch for SEQ163 user
model of this sequencer is KORG SQ-1


1)map function didn't work correctly(fixed)
2)when you change seq mode, velocity and gate parameter didn't work correctly(fixed)
3)when you set dur knob maximum, gate didn't work correctly(fixed)

"Open" button didn't work in max 7.(fixed)

added start point menu
added seq speed menu
fixed cc out didn't work correctly


Live Version Used: 9.2
Max Version Used: 7.04
Date Added: May 07 2015 18:29:56
Date Last Updated: Aug 15 2015 19:29:27
Downloads: 4
License: Attribution
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Hey man really like these recent GUI you have put out & the new website is great, i was not so keen on the digital fonts you have used previously but this sample trigger & the gate are really easy on the eyes.

So picked this one up as all your other work is so great.

Im hoping one day you do a monster seq like michael Lancasters Vss 2 reaktor ensemble. be interested to see something similar integrated into Live.


Thank you for your feedback.
I will not digital UI again.
It's actually unpopular.

I will check Lancasters Vss.

seems the map function is not working. its possible to assign it but there is no modulation from B when set to mode 3-7. midi & cc seem to work ok.


Sorry for that iisue.
I will fix it soon as possible.

any plans to map this out for use on Push?

Also - is it possible to sequence for example filter automation via cc messaging on an outboard synth as opposed to just melody?

sorry for my late reply.

about push
sorry, I don't have a plan to do.

about automating
do you want to control only cc parameter?
at the moment, you can't do that.
but i can modify for that purpose.

Please, anyone can send me this device?

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