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Name | Version: M4L Sysex 1.0
Author: Guy
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Send and receive MIDI SYSEX from ABLETON LIVE in Windows using UDP.

1. Start Ableton Live

2. Start sysexBridge app select MIDI Port from drop down menu

3, From an M4L Midi device:
replace midout with "udpsend localhost 8000"
replace sysexin with "udpreceive 8001"
replace rtin with "udpreceive 8002"


Live Version Used: 9.1.7
Max Version Used: 6.1.9
Date Added: Feb 15 2015 17:28:49
Date Last Updated: Mar 02 2015 11:22:31
Downloads: 3
License: None
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Please remove 2 of the 3 postings of this.
hi! I tried it, but the app doesn't see my midi ports! please help!

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