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Name | Version: mouse trap only.... 1.0
Author: 3phase
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: (windows only) uses KEYSTROKES to LOAD and BROWSE audio clips... load onto a midi track. select push as control surface (make sure push is surface 1 in prefs). press and hold octave up + press octave down.the tap tempo button light should go out. press tap tempo button to enter key mode. the top 16 buttons will light. key functions in screenshot (operates on screen in focus)


Live Version Used: 9.1.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.9
Date Added: Feb 15 2015 12:26:12
Date Last Updated: Feb 15 2015 12:30:09
Downloads: 313
License: None
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Device File: mouse trap.amxd


please give feedback . good/bad
Thanks for device but not working here. Have push selected as 1st control surface. mouse trap device loaded in midi track 1 (have tried others) pressing and holding octave up (scrolls octave up) + octave down (scrolling stops) but tap tempo does not change and pressing it does not launch keystrokes.

If it was working I wonder how annoying the octave scrolling would be. It seems you can catch it, if you are quick.

win 7 32bit
live 9.1.7
max 7

see if theres any difference if you press and hold octave up press octave down whilst still holding up. release up then release down :). let me know because i downloaded from here and it worked on my system. thanks
once its initilised you can use the octave buttons as normal
Okay I tried it on another install and it almost works. I can access the keystroke mode and pressing the same combination appears to come back out of keystroke but the device is not giving back push control so cannot switch tracks with the track select buttons. But still can switch tracks with cursor for instance. Also the track select buttons still have the keystroke colors also even after deleting device.

I did work out it's best not to be in note mode when using oct up/down :)

Win 7 64 bit
live 9.1.6
max 7
thanks for getting back to me. could you give it one more try. it is mainly for use in session mode. once its on you shouldnt have to switch it off. you just press tap tempo to regain control of the top 16 buttons. does this not work?
yes i see what you mean. tap tempo must be pressed to leave keymode before switching off.
so its all good now?

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