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Neither Push chop instance ver1.1 or karma work for me here on win 7 64bit. Original ver 1.0 still working however. Pressing record will arm but pressing again will not set devices to record

Have not tried yet but just wanted to say I love love design.

Great idea.

Some findings

1. Does not seem to map well to all control ranges. E.g moving a fader or pan and the knob range is within 1 turn of the knob and is fine. But map to something like Bit Depth on Redux and knob range is much larger so many turns are needed just to move between values. Some kind of manual range setting could help here.

2. Repeatable bug.
Load speed dial to master track
map to any parameter on any track (i chose pan)
Turn off speed dial via mouse click (this causes device to map to self! [Device on/off])
Now move previous mapped parameter with mouse and now this previous parameter jitters/jumps between values and will only stop by deleting speed dial device. I expect that mapping to itself might be causing some kind of feedback loop issue.

Okay I tried it on another install and it almost works. I can access the keystroke mode and pressing the same combination appears to come back out of keystroke but the device is not giving back push control so cannot switch tracks with the track select buttons. But still can switch tracks with cursor for instance. Also the track select buttons still have the keystroke colors also even after deleting device.

I did work out it's best not to be in note mode when using oct up/down :)

Win 7 64 bit
live 9.1.6
max 7

Thanks for device but not working here. Have push selected as 1st control surface. mouse trap device loaded in midi track 1 (have tried others) pressing and holding octave up (scrolls octave up) + octave down (scrolling stops) but tap tempo does not change and pressing it does not launch keystrokes.

If it was working I wonder how annoying the octave scrolling would be. It seems you can catch it, if you are quick.

win 7 32bit
live 9.1.7
max 7

Not purchasing without seeing a module list please!! Hints on future modules would be cool too ;-)

This is great thank you. I had a look into why there was no feedback when the dials or buttons were pushed on utonic. It's not a simple matter of adding ctlin :-( lol
Oh well.
Would like to see bi directional feedback in future if possible.


Excellent devices. Look great, function perfectly. Thank you.

Hey datadebt,

yes it has an underscore in max APC40_MkII. I would send you a patch but not sure what kind of patch you need to see?

Looks great. Having quick access to sequence presets is v nice would love if this worked with APC40 MK2 or Push.Have tried hacking the m4l patch but still doesn't recognize or take over the grid.

Sometimes when loaded this plug seems to lose the ability to update push on my machine. I can get by by simply reloading but is slightly weird.

Excellent. Thank you!

Sweet little device just what I was looking for. I just finished an excel spreadsheet to capture time per project amongst other things so this will be super helpful. Thanks

Beautiful xxx

This is very handy thank you. One very minor issue to note. On my system Win 7 32bit When I click on the little button on the bottom left the window that open with all the links does not display the links correctly. The font displays all weird symbols?

Live version 9.1.3b7
Max 6.17
win 7 32bit

Loading the touchcontrol.amxd file crashes Live every time for me. (A serious error...etc)

I have removed all other control surfaces and scripts to check conflicts but this still happens. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Looks good. How well does it integrate with push? can the push matrix be used to select patterns/control grid functions?

Interesting stuff. Does his mean sample accurate midi or are the limitations of midi still apparent and the real benefit is the tidying up of comms between applications?

Wow these look like great fun thanks!

Yes I did try that but thinking about it now I loaded onto the same track I wanted to effect...doh! So I should be able to load onto the sidechain track and map to filter track! Thanks for the head check!

Like auto filter selector.

Ahhh. Thanks for clearing that up! Any chance a future update could include a sidechain option?

Very nice device. Different sound flavor from stock filter.

Seems that the lfo while syncing to host tempo does not not resync to play position it seems to be free running. Only solution to this is to use envleopes on offset and cutoff at the same time. Would be nice to see this fixed but workaround is more than acceptable for this great sound.


just what I needed thanks ;-)

dling now very handy thanks!