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Name | Version: MBase11.amxd 1.0
Author: hangarsliquides
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Dear all,
this is just a simple hyperbasic utility for the excellent MBase11 bassdrum module by Jomox, that would allow you to tweak all parameters from an external controller, and not be limitated by the one and only option on the box itself. It is also really nice to integrate the parameter controllers within the M4L environment, with added complex LFOs, sequenced parameters or within a rack chain loaded with effects that could modify the mbase audio return, etc...
I have used the so so usefull SubtleSof's MidiPipe to get rid of the 119 CCs parameters limitation in Live.
Alongside with the device, I will sugest users to download MidiPipe, and possibly for help screen captures of a dedicated pipe configuration, as well as a snapshot of my live set-up. Those picture files are zipped and available from the adress below.
This has been tested very quickly between 2 planes, so it is far from being free of bugs ! I have intentionnaly limited the range of some knobs after I noted some strange data jumps in the drumbox when values are set to their extreme. Please update !


Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Apr 02 2010 15:44:42
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 1119
License: None
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Device File: MBase11.amxd


Thanks for this as I was struggling to use my MBass with live. I still am a bit baffled on how to use the cue/record options. It seems the sound is low but I know this is something related to live, not this patch. I'm sure I'll get it sorted next time I head to studio.
Check/reset the controller dedicated to volume in mbase, and that you are writing notes with a decent velocity. One thing which is sure is how well this device stands out in a mix. No soft synth can match its overwhelming presence. To record ur controller movements, there are no issues as soon as you avoid overdubbing your midi device : I have had an issue with my Sunsyn leading to a repair, so be carefull, record, make all the microscopic adjustements you want by drawing ur cc in live afterwards, but avoid overdub (on the same controllers only of course : for ex u can have a 4 measures loop with a different lfo rate for each note, but play live on the decay)
hello/bonjour, well I.... am a Windows user : ]

Your prog looked really sweet but the CCs limitation is still for me the beast to kill :@X

I found that Midi-Yoke would be an equivalent of Midipipe, Midiyoke seemed to need "Midiox" from the same conceptors.. but well it's like i could organise a third world war with that prog..
First, is there any other issue to get rid of that limitation ? i mean without a world war making program, and if not, do you know an other easyest Win alternative of Midipipe ?

And if not.. perhaps you do know midiox/yoke and can help me setting it?

now i m praying a lot for your reply ;)
OK so i made it thru the thing.

Well, something to fix :)

lfo shot @ 127 => makes the compressor drop to maximum
thank you !!
Nice one hangarsliquides.
I was looking at having a stab at this myself, but ya beat me to it. This patch will have solid place in my studio and live setup.

So thanks mate.


I´m just trying to do the same for the Jomox M.Brane 1_1, which unfortunately uses 14 bit CCs for some parameters, MSB 0..1 and LSB 0..127 (

I´m on trial and error for many hours now, before that I had no clue of MFL at all and I learned a lot on that way, but I can´t figure out how to deal with the 14bit CCs.

I´d be really happy if you could help me out here.
Hi there... since I use my mbrane 1_1, I am dreaming of a device like this here.

I tryed to modify this device here for my mbrane, but there are a lot of Controller which should be 14bit CCs.

Is there a possible sollution out there for this?



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