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OK so i made it thru the thing.

Well, something to fix :)

lfo shot @ 127 => makes the compressor drop to maximum

hello/bonjour, well I.... am a Windows user : ]

Your prog looked really sweet but the CCs limitation is still for me the beast to kill :@X

I found that Midi-Yoke would be an equivalent of Midipipe, Midiyoke seemed to need "Midiox" from the same conceptors.. but well it's like i could organise a third world war with that prog..
First, is there any other issue to get rid of that limitation ? i mean without a world war making program, and if not, do you know an other easyest Win alternative of Midipipe ?

And if not.. perhaps you do know midiox/yoke and can help me setting it?

now i m praying a lot for your reply ;)