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Name | Version: bypass unused - save CPU 1.0
Author: Bert
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: In FLStudio there is an option, which automatically turns off effects that aren't used to save CPU. I made this device with the same intention.

- Put it at the end of you effects chain. I recomend to put all of the chains effects into an effect rack.
- Map the device to the "device on" button of the rack.
- Set the Threshold of the Input detection. Now every time the output of the effects chain (which is the input of the device) falls below the set threshold, the effects rack is turned off and CPU is saved!
- You can also set a "hold-time". This way the devices waits the set amount of ms to turn the effects rack off. Might be necessary when using delays e.g.

You can also use it with synthesizers!

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Live Version Used: 9.0.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.4
Date Added: Jan 14 2014 18:48:29
Date Last Updated: Jan 16 2014 04:29:34
Downloads: 877
License: None
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Device File: bypass unused.amxd


Excellent idea!!! thx !
Simple and effective. This will help take stress off the computer during live performance. Thanks.
I'd be careful, to use the device in a live situation, since you might get little clicks when an effect is turned back on... but on the other hand, I never tried, so please report your expirience!

This seems like a great plugin but it only works for me sometimes. I'll set it up and it works properly then i'll jump to a part in the track where the instrument isn't playing and it'll go off like it should. I'll jump back to where the instrument is playing and the input enable is off. The device only works again when I manually click the input enable to on. What error am I making here?

hm... du you still get an input on the devices level meter after jumping back to where the instruments playing?
@tacarson: This is an audio FX so i dos not respond to Midi. It the Synth is off and yoi play Midi notes into the Channel it dos not turn the Synth on again. A Midi Version that does exactly this (turn Synth on by Note on Messege, Turn it odd when it recieves an note off, including the Delaytime from the actual FX) would be a great solution
Can this turn the effects back on again in the case of a loop? Or only turn them off?!
Please, add Device On function. Now, if you want to use again this chain, the sound Rack/Device stays in OFF position.
At this moment it is useful only, when you use particular sound only ONE time during performance.

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