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Name | Version: MonoParaSteppaMidi 1.1
Author: monohusche
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: MonoParaSteppaMidi is a parameter sequencer and the replica of MonoParaSteppa, to be used with or without Monome. Partly based on the 3x Parameter Sequencer by Ivehon, thx.

Main features:

- Step Sequencer Control of up to 6 device parameters and up to 64 steps
- Random timing between steps
- Continous-random mode
- Timing multiplier for longer intervals up to 32 bars
- Quantization setting
- 2 Glide modes (fast and slow)
- Full synchronisation between device and monome
- Multiple sequencer directions
- Randomisation of step intervals, quantization and time multiplier
- Note trigger mode

Especially interesting is the option to change the boundaries for value range as well as for the random timing (kind of similar to dschihadelay).

Documentation coming soon, until then, have a look at


- Mixer device parameters can be modulated (Track volume, Panning, Sends, crossfader, cue_volume)
- Support for drag'n'drop LFO waveforms (just drop on respective device section)
- Support of sine, triangle and square waveforms (via drop-down menu)


Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Jan 29 2010 07:29:49
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 2479
License: None
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Device File: MonoParaSteppaMidi.amxd


Love this device!!

Doesn't correctly save the mappings in my set up though. Don't have this with the MonoParaSteppa...

(OSX + Ableton 10)

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