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Name/Version: Kflux by K-Devices 1.4
Author: kdevices  
Description: Kflux is a Max For Live instrument device for granulation of sound.

It is very easy to use: it has a friendly user interface and detailed descriptions for each function or parameter.

Kflux works like a sampler : just put in your audio sample and let the granulation begins!

Kflux can produce a wide range of sounds: streams of grains, massive granular clouds, complex textures, walls of noise, etc...

Thanks to the Max For Live total integration, each Kflux parameter is fully automatable in the Live timeline.

No external Max objects are used in Kflux.

It comes unlocked!

some presets from Kflux :


v1.4 (Jul 16th 2013)
- Fixed a bug that may cause crash on load for Kflux and Kfluxsy (for Live 9 version)
- Improved integration with Ableton Live Skins and graphic optimization (for Live 9 version)
- Introduced parameters index for Push (for Live 9 version)

Device Details

Tags sampler, other
Live Version Used: 8.3
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Jul 09 2012 10:31:47
Date Last Updated: Jul 25 2013 10:36:31
Device Type: instrument_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): None


This website is for sharing free devices...

This site only hosts free devices. However this entry is not a device hosted here. It is a reference to a device elsewhere. Some of us want a single place for all available devices but a way to easily filter non free from your view. All you need to do to hide these from your view is choose "hide references" on the main Library page.

I fully support vendors offering paid devices to post them here but only as a reference. Just hide them from your view with a single click.

Ok. is this new? sorry

No. I think i added the references and hide references in 2010.

At that time the Terms page was updated to say:

"Users who post "references" in the library (device entries without the .amxd file itself) must include a link where users can buy, or download the referenced device. Links must go directly to pages where a user can download, or purchase your device within 2 clicks."

note "buy" and "purchase". It still remains true that all devices you can download from are free.

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