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Name/Version: CF Roar Fdbk Note ctrl 1.0
Author: chapelierfou  
Description: Place this device before Roar.
It puts Roar automatically in "Note" feedback mode and you can "play" the feedback via MIDI.
You can link the velocity to the amount of feedback and either keep the last value or cut it with notes off.
Make it scream !

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Downloads: 159
Tags effect, utility, other
Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Mar 27 2024 15:43:11
Date Last Updated: Mar 28 2024 08:18:59
Average Rating (1) 4
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: CF_Roar_Fdbk_note_ctrl.amxd


cool! thank you!

trop cool :) merci

Nice device! Thanks. Nevertheless I have a feature request: could you make the device independent from the midi track? So I can drop CF Roar Fdbk Note ctrl 1.0 on another midi track. Similar to this device for resonator

@distantnoise :
Same inspiration indeed !
In the end it's the same, it still needs 2 tracks...Well to be precise, in this regard, the method I use is more practical as you can select a MIDI controller directly as a source without any MIDI track.
Also, the "place before Roar" method is more robust (I don't trust choosers with sub menus that rely on track that might be deleted, moved, renamed or whatever).
Am I missing something ? Why would the other method be better ?

@chapelierfou: you are right, my mistake. There would be no real advantage. However, could you make a toggle to turn on/off "Midi-Note-Message" so only velocity is send? So one can control the feedback amount without changing the note. Thanks

@distantnoise, then use Expression Control and don't bother using my device.

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