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Name/Version: Simple Vst Morpher - Mid 1.2
Author: opticon93  
Description: Hi Folks,

This is a simple Vst snapshot morpher for Vst instruments. When I first attempted to create this device, I looked to Schlam's Dirty Vst Wrapper. Unfortunately, when I looked under the hood, my head exploded all over the place trying to figure out even a small part of it. Fortunately, I found one of their forum posts with the pure guts, which I've cannibalized and modified.

Press Load and locate your Vst folder. The Show and Hide buttons show and hide the vst interface. The Preset number selects presets in the vst, if the vst allows it.

Below that is the Snapshot Storage and Morpher. Twiddle the knobs on the vst and Shift+Click to save a Snapshot. Twiddle the knobs some more (or choose another preset) and save another Snapshot. Click on a snapshot to recall it.

The Morph Slider morphs between the Snapshots stored in the A and B ends of the slider. Change the numbers at the end of the slider to select the snapshot loaded there.

At the bottom is a multislider display of all of the vst parameters. Up to 4,096 parameters can be included in a Snapshot.

The Preset number, Morph Slider, Snap A and B are all automatable.

I'm sure there are a bunch of annoying bugs. Let me know in the comments and I can try to fix them.


Update: I changed the way snapshots are moved into the slider.

Update: I simplified the way snapshots are set in the slider.

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Downloads: 162
Tags synth, sampler, utility
Live Version Used: 11.3.22
Max Version Used: 8.5.3
Date Added: Mar 17 2024 14:19:14
Date Last Updated: Mar 23 2024 00:22:22
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Device Type: instrument_device
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Device File: Simple Vst Morpher - Mid.amxd


Happy to let you know this works on Mac (Live 12, Apple Silicon), both AU and VST3! Not sure how useful the Random function is with instruments - with ALL the parameters of a synth being randomizable, often the results can just be silence. But I guess you can just keep clicking Random until you get something you like, right?

Thats awesome, thank you.

Yeah, its a bit crazy. For example, Diva has 272 automatable parameters (Bazzille - 308). I'm kind of afraid my computer will start smoking. My Blofeld can randomize all parameters. They claim that is how they got many of the presets. When you do finally find something, you can be sure its technically never been heard before.

Sweet! (glad I could help - lol)

Wow, this is great! So far the only snag i ran into was when i saved my session and reopened it, no sound came out of my VSTi until i clicked back into one of the 15 preset slots.

@Bradc Yeah, your right, the random button is too much. Besides all of the silence, it can also completely blow up the track.

@Ortho. That is one of the most frustrating things. I see it all over the place and it seems random. I do my number boxes and dials the same way Live does in their examples. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't no matter what. Live went and supplied a whole bunch of specialized knobs and number boxes so that they automatically save their state. But they don't output their state when you reload a set. You can see that it says 5, but it hasn't told anybody else.

Anyway, I think the new version simplifies the way the device works. Let me know which way you prefer.

I had the same issue with the updated device and also noticed a couple times that some of the presets were recalled with slightly different settings, like it would be close but quieter or with different envelope times. I was testing on Mac M1 with U-he Repro 1 AU.

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