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Name | Version: Weird Quantizer -Live 12 MIDI Transform- 1.1
Author: stev
Device Type: MIDI Transformation
Description: This MIDI transformation device allows you to quantize your MIDI to polyrhythms and other odd beat divisions.

The device has 2 different modes for setting the quantize value.

In “Polyrhythm” mode, you set the base “Beat Unit”, then set the “# of Beats” parameter and the “Subdivision” parameter. The number of Beat Units selected will be subdivided by the Subdivision parameter to set the polyrhythmic quantization grid. For example when the beat division is 1/4, the “# of Beats” is 5, and the “Subdivision” parameter is set to 3, that will snap all notes to a grid the size of three evenly spaced notes between 5 quarter notes a 3/5 polyrhythm.

In “Decimal” mode, the “Beat Unit” you set is multiplied by a floating point number to set the quantization grid. For example if your beat division is set to 1/4 and your “# of Notes” parameter is set to 1.29, notes with be quantized to every 1.29 quarter notes. You can use this to set more irrational beat divisions than in “Polyrhythm” mode.

There is also a “Note Off” toggle to set whether you want to quantize note offs to that same grid.

New in V 1.1: Added an “Amount” parameter that controls the quantization amount, allowing you to fade between unquantified and quantized MIDI.

Demo Video:

Only compatible with Live 12 and up.

-Heaps of Bleeps


Live Version Used: 12
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Mar 08 2024 19:49:02
Date Last Updated: Jun 20 2024 19:08:18
Downloads: 0
License: Commercial
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interesting idea ima try it out
I love the weird tools. Bought all of em

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