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interesting idea ima try it out

ok, this is epic. it's pretty complicated but that's fine. what I really like about it is that you have the full piano roll available for notes. i make microtonal music and I often have to use janky tricks to get ableton's piano roll to do what I want it to, so having a device that can be used with my retuned synths is amazing. thanks for making this. i've only spent a few minutes using it but I can tell it does what I want it to. divisions even go up to 99 which is pretty sweet. would be even cooler if they went up to 999, but beggars can't be choosers, and besides, 99 is already a lot to work with.

I've been looking for devices that can generate tuplet midi for a while now. I've tried a few on here but they didn't quite do what I wanted them to (polyrhythmus, wheel of fortune, some others). The ability to quickly and easily generate complex rhythms is exciting and I'll try out your device for it.

I wish the numbers went higher than 16. to like 100 would be enough for me. I like this device as it almost lets me do what I want, which is have an arpeggiator / midi note generator than generates specific tuplet rhythms. There is "Wheel of fortune" but it retriggers when you automate note changes to it.