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Name/Version: ReXequencer 1.1
Author: slippycurb  
Description: This sequencer is kind of modeled on some sequencers I have come across over the years, on software and hardware synths. What makes it unique is that that you can record your step sequence using midi and the ReXequencer will start playing your sequence, in time, once you reach the end of the sequence length. As you can set the number of steps, it should work with polyrhythms and is potentially unlimited in length (I have left a length of 512 max at the minute, but his can be changed).

The Device opens in "Bypass" mode where midi data is passed through untouched. Start by setting your Seq Length (in number of steps) and your Quantisation (this sets the length and timing of the steps and sequence). Then, making sure your ableton track is in "Record" mode and that you have midi configured correctly, turn the "Mode" dial to "0 Record", then, while taking your time, input your sequence of notes using youur midi keyboard.

Once you have input the last note the ReXequencer should start with Live's transport and automatically move the dial to "Play" mode. You may want to set the "StepLength%" slider as the default is set to 95% (it is in percent of the length of the steps, which is set by the "Quantisation" menu). The "VelConst" slider will set all the velocity steps to a constant value (0-127) - so use with caution if you have recorded a seqence manually and want to keep it. You can edit the note, velocity and step length parameters for each step of the sequence using the menu buttons and message boxes.

Currently the sequence does not save correctly with the live project but you can record the midi output into another Live track, just create another midi track and set its input to ReXequencer. It is actually quiet powerful this way as it doesn't take long before you have a long list of midiclips....

Im sure its all a bit buggy but its an experiment. Enjoy!!

Bug Fixed- device was starting the transport when it shouldn't. Fixed. Also a few visual improvements.

Find a way to save the sequence with the live project.
Make the controls work properly when midi-mapped.

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Downloads: 289
Tags sequencer
Live Version Used: 11.3.13
Max Version Used: 8.5.5
Date Added: Dec 03 2023 04:29:09
Date Last Updated: Dec 13 2023 23:59:59
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: ReXequence V1_1.amxd


i dig it - thx!


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