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Name/Version: MIDI Wormhole -- MIDI Send and Receive Toolset 1.2
Author: DarlingLee  
Description: This is a set of MIDI signal sending and receiving tools(M4L Device). You can freely send MIDI signals from one track to any other track in an Ableton Live project.

1. It provides 12 optional channels (I don't mean MIDI channels, but channels for sending and receiving), so you can send up to 12 different sets of MIDI signals in one Ableton Live project for receiving.

2. You can freely choose to receive all or part of MIDI signals, including note signal, CC controller signal, Poly signal, Program Change signal, post-touch signal and bending wheel signal.

3. You can raise or lower the received signal by up to 5 octaves (4 full octaves and a group of 12 semitones).

4. At the receiving end, you can choose whether to enable the MIDI signal of the track where the receiving end is located to work.

You may use them in the following situations:

1. When you need to play the same notes on multiple tracks, you don't need to copy and paste the midi clip to other tracks to hear the effect of playing at the same time in real time;

2 When you use the same CC controller or bending wheel and other information control on multiple tracks, you do not need to edit the CC controller or bending wheel and other information on each track, but just edit one track to hear the effect of multiple tracks being controlled in real time;

3. When you need to play a set of chords or melodies on multiple tracks, but need to play at different pitches (such as different octaves), you no longer need to copy and paste midi clips and perform transposition operation to hear the performance effect in real time.

2023.2.28 update log:

1.Now this device got a new name:MIDI Wormhole;

2.Now you can set a reception range for midi note reception(only thke effect when the "note"button is on);

3.Now you can choose to exclude some controllers when selecting to receive cc controller signals(only thke effect when the "CC"button is on);

4.The sender and receiver are no longer separated, that is, you can choose to use as a sender or receiver in one device;

5.Now you can configure up to 128 signal transmission channels in one ableton live project.

这是一套MIDI信号发送和接收的工具(M4L插件),您可以在一个Ableton Live工程内自由发送某个轨道的MIDI信息到任意其他轨道。

1.提供了12个可选通道(我意思不是说MIDI通道,是发送和接收的通道),所以您可以最多在一个Ableton Live工程发送12组不同的MIDI信号以供接收。

2.您可以自由选择接收全部或部分的MIDI信号,包括音符信号,CC控制器信号,Poly信号,Program Change信号,触后信号以及弯音轮信号。












5.现在您可以在一个Ableton Live工程里最多可以配置高达128条传输通道。

1.1 Update Log:

Modified the "send" and "receive" animations;

Added an "MPE" switch to enable the device to support MPE signal transmission;

Added the function of controlling the delay of received MIDI signals in milliseconds(0ms-10000ms).(There is a bug)





1.2 Update log:

1.Added a MIDI output monitoring section to monitor the MIDI messages sent out, including note, aftertouch, program change, modulation wheel, pitch bend, sustain pedal, and other CC messages.

2.Added a synchronization feature to the control area that delays the output of received MIDI messages by a specified number of milliseconds or note durations.(There is a bug)

3.Optimized several bugs, such as the issue where the device had to be manually selected with a channel number after being inserted into a track to function properly.

4.Modified the user interface.






2023-07-11 update:

The MIDI delay function has a bug where occasional note release signal loss may occur when the delay function is added, causing notes to occasionally not release properly. A fix has not yet been found, and the function has been temporarily removed. It will be added back in when a solution is found and a new version is released.



Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 11.3.4
Max Version Used: 8.5.4
Date Added: Jul 11 2023 10:33:58
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


A promising device, but having only just picked it up today (5-Aug-23) I'm finding it doesn't provide a solid signal between the send and receive instances, and 'MIDI of this track' (MIDI Thru?) doesn't always work.

That said, I am running Live 11.3.2 and Max 8.5.3, whilst the latest device update was made in L11.3.4 and M8.5.4, AND the set I've replaced instances of the similar 'Hub' device with Wormhole, so perhaps this is impacting stability in my set?

The animation in the corner is a bit confusing. My brain wants it to connect to actual data connectivity, but it seems to be just an animated gif, which is distracting.

On the receiver side, I'd love to see not only the note range configurable, but also notes within the range blocked in the same way CC#s can be via the Configure pop-out window. Having the MIDI monitor be on a show/hide panel would also be a good improvement.

On the whole, MIDI Wormhole show TONS of potential! I'm going to go update to L11.3.4 and M8.5.4, create a new Live set and see if connectivity improves.

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