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Name | Version: FaceOSC Mapper 1.0
Author: miketodd
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This device allows you to take the messages from FaceOSC (of facial movements and positions through a webcam) and map them to parameters within Live.

Note: I remapped the number ranges incoming from FaceOSC - if you have issues with the levels you may want to open it up and mess with them (the zmap objects).

Download FaceOSC here (os x binary - source also available on github I believe) -

Thanks to Kyle McDonald for the FaceOSC code.

Mike Todd


Live Version Used: 8.2.5
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Oct 10 2011 15:14:47
Date Last Updated: Oct 14 2011 13:51:26
Downloads: 6131
License: None
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Device File: FaceOSC 6 tracks.amxd


Just given it a try, it's so awesome!

Greatest device ever.

Thanks a lot.
thanks - that means a lot. let me know how it's working out for you and if there's any bugs... i'm working on an update now
No bug so far! It works like a charm.
The FaceOSC is super slow here. I could not try ur device.
well - im not a pro in max,but i cant see my camera preview window.
anything i need to do?
im using :live 8.2.5 and max 5.1.8 and v-modules if needs on i7(pc)
any tips ?
same problem here only on mac osx 10.6
Any advice ?
Sorry you're having issues - there won't be a preview window in max. All of the camera stuff is done through the faceOSC program, all my program does is receive the OSC messages from FaceOSC and translate them to Ableton parameters.
Hi Mike Todd,

does FaceOSC 6 tracks.amxd also work under Windows 7?
Because I installed 1. FaceOsc and 2. your plug In for Ableton.

1. Do i need to install additionation Software?
2. Do I to change anything under Ableton your FaceOSC 6 tracks
aplication like Port number? Because facial expression from
me recognized from Face OSC has no effect in FaceOSC 6

Please help I am a big Fan from Face OSC and need to try out without switching to Apple OS.
Does this work on Windows 7?
hey, having setup trouble in windows 7. is there away to designate your camera to the device somehow? can't start sending visual data
Is there any other setup that needs done apart from opening faceosc and putting the device in a track in Ableton? Faceosc isn't talking to Ableton at all for me and there's nothing in the midi devices list in the preferences that seems to relate to Faceosc.

I'm using Ableton 9.1.4

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