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Name | Version: MB-Designer 1.1
Author: PulseKannon
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: potential remake version of FL-Studio Multiband Delay Plugin.
1. Gain/Delay/Pan multislider (in fft 16/64)
2. Feedback/Overdrive/Morph/Mix knob
3. Preset/Randomize function(low quality)

There are bad squeaks coming from the lowend.
If it sounds bad, make 2 chains of eq(Hipass/Lowpass) at a same frequency(about 200hz?) in a single signal.
Then load MB-Designer right after the chain of Hipass to kill the annoying sound.

# I have no idea about what I made...
I just wanted to make FL-Studio Multiband Delay in a perfect form as much as I can.
You know, there aren't any available 3rd-party plugin with same function at all.
As a result, I made a bizarre creature, clueless of the usage.
As a total stranger to max 8, It was pretty challenging but fun thing to do.
Actually I don't know anything about max, so don't ask me anything about ideas in it.
I just googled and watched youtube.(I wrote links where the ideas came from inside the max)

# If you want to remake Fl Studio Multiband-Delay, feel free to use my amxd. Plz let us know any progress about it through a comment.

- Changelog
Change feedback knob into multislider
malfunction issue fixed


Live Version Used: 11.2.6
Max Version Used: 8.3.1
Date Added: May 29 2023 00:33:45
Date Last Updated: Jun 08 2023 07:50:46
Downloads: 260
License: None
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Device File: MB-Designer 16 Thik.amxd


thanx! but no sound is coming out of the 3 devices shared. Last Live 11 v on OSX
I don't know why, but something is wrong with my plugin.
Just press the first button of the preset list on the right side of POST spectrum.
It will make the setting into initial mode.
Sorry for my carelessness, akingannng. I didn't have any plans about further work on my amxd, but I found some serious issues while debugging it after I saw your comment. There were some patches missing, so I routed them properly. Anyway, I appreciate you for using my chaotic creature and leaving a wholesome comment.
hi pulsekannon! the thing that's wrong with your plugin is that you didn't freeze it before sending out the final .amxd file. you have to press the snowflake button on the bottom left of the max interface and press save before sharing it. the bugs i'm getting are because there's subpatchers included in the patch that aren't on my computer; the freezing fixes this (i had this issue once before with my own max device). hope this reaches you!

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