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Name | Version: Kinect Dj Maxx 0.8
Author: RomainDumaine
Device Type: MIDI Effect


Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Aug 16 2011 18:50:38
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 687
License: None
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Device File: Kinect_DJ_Maxx.amxd


I didn't really understand, what this device actually did at first. I finally just watched your demo video. I have to say. I see this as being the future of Djing. My only question, is it actually that slow to react to your movement or was that due to demonstration. I see exciting promise in this and i can't wait for you to work out the bugs. This has been a dream for me since, i started Djing back in the 90's. Keep up the excellent work my friend.

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