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Name/Version: Delay With Feedback Warp 1.2
Author: HadenCain  
Description: Incoming audio is sent through a basic delay algorithm. While the audio is being fed back into the system, it is recorded into its own temporary file and manipulated "warp mix". If there is a name for this design technique someone please let me know, I love the sound this produces.

NOTE: if the feedback is set too low - the warping of the temp file won't be audible.

The bottom section controls the panning of the feedback temporary file. This creates a different tone for this delay patch. If "random pan" is selected, the tempo of the randomness can be controlled(quarter note).

V1.2 patch updates:
d/w is backward in v1
live.step for randomization replaced with random objects.
initialization for panning metronome

Video demo:

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Device Details

Tags effect
Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Nov 26 2022 06:19:09
Date Last Updated: Jun 02 2023 02:43:05
Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None


> it is recorded into its own temporary file and manipulated "warp mix"

can you describe this part? We don't really have an audio demo - are you recording it to a buffer and then timestretching that buffer in the feedback path?

Yes! directly after the signal has been delayed and attenuated, it is recorded into a buffer(superBuf) while en route to being reiterated and resent through the delay. I'm then constantly changing the rate of playback of this new recording(superBuf), which alters the perceived pitch for a portion of the feedback.
The rest of the delayed signal is not equipped for panning and is sent to the output. This makes the "warped" delay appear as though it's appearing in different locations in the soundscape than everything else which makes it easier to identify and mix-in appropriately.

on another note:
I could put together some demos If that's the norm for these posts. I already have some M4L / chucK stuff on YouTube.

Hey, thought I'd buy it even without audio demo, but there's no file to download on gumroad. Just blank.

I use this technique the ENTIRE time in my most recent work: "Ballet Atop Raised Platforms". Composed for a (make-believe) electro-acoustic ensemble.



Thank you for pointing this out @bulletriddled.
All of the links have been updated for each of these devices. I'll shoot you a copy right now via email-

Would you please add the possibility to pay per PayPal ? Otherwise its sadly not accessible for me to use :)

@Shroomystic, It's free to download now!

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