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Name | Version: Plastic Haircut - Time Drifting Phase Device 1.2
Author: ggrainer
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Plastic Haircut is a time shifting phase plugin that replicates the early experiments of composer Steve Reich. Record or load audio into the plugin and select a region to loop. Plastic Haircut makes either 2 or 4 loops, each of which are cut slightly shorter than the loop before it, resulting in complex but beautiful phasing melodic rhythms. Perfect for finding interesting rhythms as seeds for a larger track, intros/outros, or creating always evolving ambient drones with reverb. Always looking for tips, so comment or shoot me an email if you need a feature added.

-added snap to zero to smooth out loop
-updated look to be even more awesome


Live Version Used: 11.0.10
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Feb 17 2022 21:18:39
Date Last Updated: Dec 18 2023 19:15:38
Downloads: 0

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License: None
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Love it! Sometimes it's loading kind of funky but when I log out of Live and log back in, it's back to looking normal again.

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