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Name | Version: GMaudio VSEQ 1.0
Author: groovmekanik
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: In the heat of cooking up delicious music, simple tools often yield the best results. VSEQ provides instant tone-shaping possibilities as well as intuitive, mastering-grade saturation, for that little extra spice. 👌🏽

There are two main ingredients;


Shelving filters are exceptional tools for tone shaping and often the first choice when mixing. The V-filter is basically two, 1st order, shelving filters, one low shelf and one high shelf, centred around 700Hz. The output of these filters is (approximately) volume compensated, so you can objectively decide whether the result is what you’re looking for. Positive values pronounce low and high frequencies. Negative values reduce high and low frequencies, but because the filter is volume compensated, results in an emphasis of mid frequencies. No more adjusting output gain 😉


This isn't your ordinary wave-shaper. The signal is first split into 3 bands and then fed into 3 wave-shapers resulting in 3 overtones. The "Colour" dial controls the balance between these 3 additional harmonics, shifting focus onto either the first, second or third harmonic. The "Amount" dial simply controls the volume of the saturation output. The result is oversampled 4x for nearly zero aliasing, while the original signal remains untouched.

*Better Together*

Whats even better than using these two exquisite designs on their own, is using them in combination! You can use the "EQ Mode" button to apply the filtering to the original signal or to the input of the saturation only, allowing you to focus additional harmonics to where it's needed most.

*The Future*

This device represents my further descent into the abyss of DSP and is my own design, written mostly in code. You wont find this stuff in any other max for live device. The concepts encapsulated in this device will be developed further into a new device with high quality analog-matched filters and important metering for a go-to mixing tool, aimed to reduce the amount of devices you need to use in a Live Set and increase the quality and repeatability of exceptional mixes.

*Thank You*

This device is "pay-what-you-want" in celebration of reaching 5000 unique users. *I haven't reached it yet but I'm hoping that I do with this device, so please share it with your friends!* If you like the device, please rate it 5 stars 🌟 Donations are extremely appreciated because I need a new computer 😋

Happy Music Making...
and have a Happy New Year! 🥳 🚀🎶


Live Version Used: 11.0.12
Max Version Used: 8.2.3
Date Added: Dec 23 2021 12:34:05
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 0

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License: AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives
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this is an instant buy for me!!

I wanted to thank you for the drumevolve patch - it's been sitting in my live rig ever since it came out, and I'm happy to report that it's shaken dozens of dance floors already! \m/

Hoping this one makes it into the master effects, too!
Thanks wetterberg! Great to hear :D
this thing sounds great, i love using it to add harmonics to tracks that have a thin midrange

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