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Name | Version: KarPlusPlus 1.0.0
Author: leisurewear
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Kar++ (or KarPlusPlus) is a Max for Live (M4L) audio device. It implements the Karplus-Strong algorithm in a unique way.

Instead of specifying the frequency you'd like to generate (see Corpus), Kar++ uses pitch detection in real time to create an appropriate effect for whatever audio signal you feed into it.

1. Place Kar++ after an audio loop, synth, or other sound source (drums work well too).

2. Play your sound source.

3. Adjust the Feedback setting. Anything above a setting of 1. will make things increasingly unruly so be careful. There is internal limiting so you won't need to worry about getting blasted, but still.

3. The Multiplier setting multiplies the frequency detected by a decimal value. If you want a bassier sound, try values like .5 or .25. For something high pitched, try 5 or 10.

4. Release controls the release time of the noise generated by the effect. If you want the noise to hold indefinitely, turn the Hold setting ON.

5. Set a Cutoff frequency. A low pass filter is applied to the feedback loop. This controls its cutoff freqency.

6. Try different Noise Types. rand~ uses noise centered about an integer multiple of the frequency detected. noise~ is white noise. pink~ is pink noise. all^ uses a combination of the three.

7. Choose a Limiting Type. The four choices will give you different results, some harsher than others. Modulo is the harshest, followed by Clip. The two Peak Limiters are the most conservative choices.

8. Mix in an oscillator. You can mix an oscillator in with your noise selection, from 0-100% and with three shape options: Sine, Saw, and Square. This effect is subtle but can help make the effect more robust in certain scenarios.

9. Toggle Stop Gate. This setting will only allow the effect to make sound when transport is running. This makes sure that the feedback doesn't cause a drone effect when you have your track stopped. Keep in mind that if you are passing an external sound source in, you won't be able to hear it until transport is running again or you turn this option off. Another options here is to have this setting turned On and the Dry/Wet set to 50%.

Pit. Glide: The time it takes to "glide" from one frequency to the next.

Auto Filt Gain / Q / Lo Hi Shelf / Filter Ramp: An auto filter is applied post feedback loop. Its center frequency is set to whatever frequency is detected by the pitch tracker. You can toggle between a Low or High Shelf filter and set Gain and Q values to shape the filter. The Filter Ramp setting controls low long the filter takes to ramp from one frequency to the next.

Delay Mod: This will modulate the frequency used in the feedback loop over the time set in the Release setting. Turn this on to get a more unstable sound.

Retune: This will create an auto-tune effect for whatever sound you are passing into the effect.

MIDI In: Use MIDI to control the tuning of the effect. To do this, create a new MIDI channel in Live. Either create a clip with MIDI notes set or set a routing for the channel to recieve MIDI. In the "MIDI To" drop down, select the channel that contains the Kar++ effect. In the second menu that appears, choose the first instance of Kar++. Run transport and make sure MIDI is passing through the channel you created.

If you enjoy this device, please consider purchasing it on Gumroad. If you are struggling financially, enjoy this free version and consider giving it a good rating or review. Thank you!


Live Version Used: 11.0.6
Max Version Used: 8.1.11
Date Added: Sep 15 2021 21:48:44
Date Last Updated: Sep 15 2021 22:11:14
Downloads: 1126
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: Kar++.amxd


I used it is unique
The sound quality is very high
I actually bought this plugin twice because it is so cool and interesting and powerful. Thank you so much for making this leisurewear! By far the most musical and fascinating M4L device I've seen in a long time.
@danielr Thank you so much! I appreciate your support. There will be updates ahead, which you will be notified of through Gumroad.
only fiddled for a few minutes and already its wonderful- thank you
great work. thoroughly recomend.
@ecologist9 Thank you! Glad you're enjoying it!
Hey man, I'm having a lot of fun with this little toy, only problem is a feedback loop on the right side of the stereo channel that seems to be an issue inside the device. Do you know how I can sort this out ?
I tried a lot of things but I can't get ride of it

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