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Name/Version: mm.Chain Per Scene 2.1.1
Author: MessinkiMusic  
Description: Simplify your Live set by linking an audio effect or instrument chain to each scene in your set


-Selects and routes audio through any chain by simply launching or selecting scenes or clips
-Automatically selects and shows the active chain for easy editing
-Saves CPU by turning off all instruments and effects except those in the active chain
-Well documented max patch to show how it all works
-30 day money back guarantee
-Fast email support at

You Will Get
Two Max for Live devices, one that controls audio effect racks, and one that controls instrument racks

8 rack presets that are setup to work with the devices. They are fully customisable and simply work as a template that will save you time setting up

Demo Live set that walks you through all of the features

29/06/2021 Version 2.1.1

All buttons are now hidden from Live's mapping system

29/06/2021 Version 2.1

Fixed a bug that stopped the chain selector from moving in certain situations

Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 11.0.5
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jul 28 2021 02:31:40
Date Last Updated: Aug 07 2021 17:17:28
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Thanks for sharing this! Looks like a great time saver.

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