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Name/Version: Synapse for Kinect 1.1
Author: awwbees  
Description: Synapse for Kinect is a series of patches that gives you a user-friendly interface to control Live via Kinect joint positions and events generated by sharp movements in a direction. Go to for more information and to download.  

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Tags other, dj
Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Jun 21 2011 09:01:51
Date Last Updated: Jul 05 2011 14:29:25
Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None


genius!! thankyou

u are my hero of the day !!!or should i say the year?

Sweet! Too funny that I posted another kinect patch right before you uploaded this one!

Haha, Mike, sorry for biting your style!

this is great! i was planning on doing something like this from OSCeleton, but synapse works perfectly for what i want to do.
thank you!

keep getting an error while opening synapse :'creating depth generator failed: Cant create any node of the requested type!
then the program then closes.

im running on vista and have the kinect up and running using clnuid device test kind of hit a wall can anyone suggest where ive gone wrong?

I've only run it on Windows 7, so I can't guarantee that it runs in Vista.

Did you do everything on the Windows install instructions? You should see if you can run NiViewer in Start->Programs->OpenNI->Samples. If you can't, the SensorKinect drivers didn't install properly.

Go into your Device Manager and uninstall any drivers you may already have for the Kinect and install SensorKinect again. When it's installed properly, after you plug in the Kinect you should see "PrimeSense" in your Device Manager with "Kinect Audio", "Kinect Camera", and "Kinect Motor" under it. Good luck!

thanks for your help time for an update changed to windows all works cheers!

Version 1.1 released today! Adds some flexibility and better support for live looping performances with MIDI clips and Looper.

This is exactly what I have been hoping for and struggling with OSCeleton!!!

Thanks for your work

i updated to 1.1 and nothing is workin anymore.
synapse itself works like a charm but the m4l devices don`t get any data from it

Amazing work, set up was a snap and works like a charm. I have been waiting for some thing this simple, efficient and easy to use. The Kinect can now be fully implemented the way I have always wanted it to ;)

fantastic. it's working really well for me. I just have a little question, on the kinct dial: what are the "min out" and "max out" values really doing? I thought that this allows to set a range on the targeted parameter, but to me the behaviour seems to be inconsistent. Can you give me a hint?
But really thank you a lot, we are working on a two person performance, looking forward to post video soon.

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