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Name/Version: LiveWorkflowTools - Auto Track Colors 1.3
Author: LiveWorkflowTools  
Description: Auto Track Colors helps you keep your Sessions properly color coded, without having to do anything other than naming your Tracks. The Keywords you assign to custom colors will automatically be updated on your Tracks.

Just add the Device to your Session, take the initial Preset to get started or use your own Keywords + Colors and get organized 🙂

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Package Includes:
"AutoTrackColors" MaxForLive Device
Default Naming Preset
PDF Manual
Customer Support + Updates for all v1 Releases

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Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Nov 29 2020 15:05:51
Date Last Updated: Jan 31 2024 21:19:11
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial




This is one of those tools that should be built-in to every DAW.

Hands down, this is my favorite workflow device I now have. It is amazing that I only just now discovered it.

Either way, well worth the $9!

Don't know who this developer is, but huge thanks to Live Workflow Tools!

This is an AWESOME device for anyone who cares about their tracks organized, colored to a set-and-forget-about-it level. However, for me, it still comes with some situations that maybe could be resolved/added in an updated version.

- One thing I wish it adapted the 70 color hues straight from Ableton Live's color scheme instead. With its current color palette, it's hard to get certain types of Blue, Red, Orange, and many other color shades that exist in Ableton. Fiddling with the Hue panel is a bit tedious even when I sampled the hue values directly from Ableton Live's colors and copy them to Auto Tracks, I come up with pretty much misses.

- Case Sensitive only works when the field has only one word. So, in my case, where I have a field with Guitar Acoustic Electric, the device doesn't apply the color if it is set to "Case Sensitive".

- Also, I wish the naming convention recognized accent and characters. i.e, if I want to exclude #drums or +drums from being automatically colored. Currently, the device still colors any track where the words appear.

Still a great buy!

I can't seem to get it to color a track black?

Love this plugin. Huge timesaver - On Monterey, I'm getting the colour choice window popup everytime I load my template set with this plug. Anyone else having this issue?

Would be really useful if it could colour all tracks in a group regardless of what the individual tracks in that group were named.


As per the above complaint; the colour pallet/picking process is pretty dysfunctional.

Would be SO much better if it just had all the Ableton colours as a default pallet, rather than boasting an infinite pallet which is then clumsily likened back to the Ableton colours..... Black doesn't even correlate to Ableton black, FFS! ...And the colour 'sample' function doesn't work properly either.

Nice idea, but poorly executed.

Hey. Only thing that i notice. The undo and redo fuctions when this device its loaded required extra "ghost" steps. And when I remove the device, undo and redo functions back to normal behaviour. Anyone?

Yep. Undo is a mess.

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