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Name/Version: Novation Peak Editor 1.61
Author: knoellp  
Description: A updated Version of the Novation Peak Editor by Jeromemeunier.

I changed a bug, that caused the OSC1 to change Range on Patch load (sounded kind of detuned).

Added LFO3 and LFO4.

Changed a lot under the hood.
OSC1-3: Transfer of Midi-Data is now done via JavaScript. The values now don't jump aroud if you change them on the Peak.
OSC- Coarse is now shown in Live as Steps (as on Peak)
OSC Wavetables now updated to newest Firmware.
Legato/Retrig does now work
Mod-Sourced updated to be compatible with latest firmware.

I found out, that the patcher was not included in the amxd-File. Now it has to work!

Any comments? Write below!

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Downloads: 658
Tags synth, hardware
Live Version Used: 11.0.11
Max Version Used: 8.2
Date Added: Oct 24 2020 12:36:05
Date Last Updated: Oct 28 2021 17:24:16
Average Rating (3) 4
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: Novation Peak V4.amxd


Nice work Peter! / Knoelip

I added LFO3 and LFO4 and changed some behavior. Now pitch-bend and mod-wheel values are used.

I am working on some bugfixes. At the moment mono-trig / legato for the envelops is not working correctly.

Wow ! Big big thanks ! Great work, will test now !

Update, yes!!!

Thanks for doing this Peter! Much appreciated!
1.50 seems to work great so far ;)

Hi there :) I don't know why but the midi control is empty i got the old max4live version and there i can see all the buttons but in your version i can see nothing. I was wondering? Do you have any idea? Greetings :)


What exactly do you mean with MIDI-Control?
Are you using live 10.1.25? It?s made with this latest version.

What i mean with MIDI Control is that when i pull the amxd into the midi slot i only see the tabs like Osc Voice Filter & FX but nothing else. I click on them an nothing happen so there are no control buttons everything is empty. I use 10.1.25.

So you don?t see the patcher. What do you see when you open the device for editing? I tested it on multiple computers without problems.

I'm wondering, like I said I only see the 4 blue tabs nothing else.

What do you see when you open the device in Max for live?

When I open it in Max and go into edit mode I see nothing but the blue tabs also in Live I only see the blue tabs.

Can you open the Max Console window and tell me what it says?

bpatcher: bpatcher: error loading patcher Novation Peak.maxpat
bpatcher: patchcord inlet out of range: deleting patchcord

OK. So Max cannot find the patcher file "Novation Peak.maxpat". Please search your file system for the file an add it manually to the Max file preferences. You find it in the menu of Max. Options -> File Preferences. Click "+" an add the path.

When i loaded the old version there was only some Waveforms in your version I now can see the added Waveforms but i can not find the LFO3 and LFO4. So it works more or less or have i missed something? Thank you for your help!

The LFO3 and 4 ist where the LFO1 and 2 are. And then on the very right side.

They are not there unfortunately. Anyway thank you so much :)

Hey Jerome :) I have the same Issue as @JustCox, but I unfortunately can't find anywhere the Novation Peak.maxpat file :( Where should It be? Thanks!

Thank you for making it! However I get completely empty GUI, only top sections appear (osc\voice, Filter\fx, envelope\lfo, etc)

This one does work
I guess you made it too right?

Same issue as the folks above. I get the blue tabs and otherwise blank, black window of nothing. Did others find success by going to the older version?

I believe there must be a corrupted file that we are all downloading. This device comes in at 41kb. Whereas V1.0 is a gnarly 3.3MB. Could you try re-uploading the file here or uploading a new V1.6?

I'm gonna go give 1.0 a run for the time being, Thanks for your work!

I have same issue as everyone else .... 41kb size and has the blue tabs and otherwise blank, black window of nothing. When will the new V1.6 version be uploaded? Thanks.

I should have asked "when will the v1.5 be re-uploaded"?

it doesn't work, all windows are please

I?m feeling very sorry for the problems. I will upload a new version as soon as possible.

Yep, there's something wrong with the device, it's all black now :(

Any update to this? Would love to give it a go.

Hey, Nothing happens when loaded Opened in M4L and errors came up, cant see much even in the presentation or patch mode.

See attached links to pictures.

Novation Settings
Bank/Patch REC+Tran
Midi Ch 16
Receiving Midi and setting are all appropriate

Rolled Back firmware from "399 1.3.1" to "363 1.2.1"

Device shows up all black. In an earlier version it detuned my synth by -49.9 cents. I really hope we could get this to work. I can help you even if you need some help. I have some Max knowledge and don't mind the work as long as we can make the editor I'd so much like for my Peak! :D

I posted an update. In my tests it worked.

Still shows up all black, except for the tabs (Oscillator & voice, etc), on Ableton Live 11

Anything I can do to help you figure this out?

Please tell me it works now.

I've only briefly tested, but: UI shows up, and Summit responds to the few changes I tried!
Thanks so much.

I just got the Peak, and the Editor would be a great tool for making automation easier.
Unfortunately I have the issue with detuning. When I load the device all three oscillators are detuned around -48 cents +2 octaves.

now it seems to work. I don't know what I've changed, but it's working perfectly now. Sorry if I have bothered you.

Great work!

One thing that I can't get to work: I want to see the patch settings when I change to a patch, but the parameters in the M4L device only updates if I manually change something.

Has anyone gotten this to work? If so, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks a lot. Makes my life easier. There is only 1 thing.

Perhaps I am the only one (would not surprise me as I am always encoutering strange things) thing that happens is this.

I have made a default new project template with your plugin in it. That makes that if I turn on my Peak before I start Ableton I won't get a sound when playing a patch. Switching patches, or turning device off and on works. This also happens when working and opening a new default project with your plugin into it. (made me on the phone with Novation for quite some time, because it is a brand new device)

Maybe you can check if you get the same results and fix it in a future update? It is not a really big deal now I know it, but at first I thought I had a faulty device. But for the rest love the plugin. Very helpful.

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