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Name/Version: Modulation Tools Set 1 1.0
Author: starlightexplorer  
Description: This is a set of tools for working with mappings in Max for Live with a Eurorack workflow that I have been working on recently (and there is more to come in the future). Some of these tools already exist in device various packs, but I wanted to create a set that is more in line with the way I work and that has visually consistent and intuitive design.

Contained in this pack is:

Attenuverter - A dual attenuverter with output visualization

Combiner - A four channel mapping mixer (which will clip extreme values)

Mult - A multiple

Offset - A dual bipolar “voltage” offset (will also clip extreme values)

Sample and Hold - A dual sample and hold for an external clock pulse

Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Oct 15 2020 23:57:14
Date Last Updated: Oct 15 2020 23:58:13
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): None


Great ! thank you !

Really cool stuff, I've also explored Eurorack style workflow within Live, and this pack is right up my alley! Cheers!

There seems to be an annoying feature with the Sample & Hold device tho - automating the triggering kinda messes up your undo history, every new trigger adds something into your actions which can be dangerous to your Live project. I googled the issue briefly and there seems to be a lot of discussion concerning the topic, but unfortunately I'm not experienced with M4L enough to make any conclusion whether something could be done to the problem.

Do you have any idea whether the Sample and Hold device could be programmed in a way that wouldn't clog up the Undo History?

awesome!! thanks buddy!

@Ott128 Hmm.. I'll look into that--I think I might be able to fix the problem. Will update this page one way or another soon.
I'm glad you find it useful!

@starlightexplorer That would be super awesome, thanks a lot! Yes, I do find the devices extremely useful so hats off to you! If you do find a cure regarding the undo history do let us know! For me that would make a huge difference!

Really interested in this devise but the link is no longer working, I presume you no longer use that website

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