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Name/Version: Roland Super JD-990 Patch Editor 2.0
Author: adamneddo  
Description: This is a synth patch editor for the Roland Super JD990 synthesizer.

It includes controls for editing every parameter of a single synth patch. It does not support editing rhythm sets or performances. This is a MIDI “effect” designed to be used on its own track, you should use a separate track for playback.

This editor offers native support for the SR-JV80-04 "Vintage Synth" expansion board.


Version 2 Improvements:
- Save patches with your Live Set or as Live Device Presets; just click "Send Panel" to send your saved patch to the synth.
- Live Color Theme Compatibility
- Bug fixes


On the JD990, go to SYSTEM SETUP > Rx MIDI and make sure "Rx Exclusive" is set to "ON-2".

To get started, bring the Max for Live device and the hardware in sync using the buttons in the lower left hand corner of the device. To prevent accidentally overwriting your work, note that "Send Panel", "Get Patch", and "Initialize" require two clicks.

"Get Patch" will pull all the parameter values of the patch currently selected on the JD-990 hardware into the Max for Live device. Set the "MIDI From" dropdown to the MIDI port receiving data from the JD990 and the "MIDI To" dropdown to the MIDI port sending data to the JD990. The device will automatically activate MIDI Monitoring before requesting the patch data and then deactivate it once it has been received. If the device isn't receiving data, double check your MIDI connections and try again. If the error persists, try "reseting" Live as described here:

The "Initialize" button initializes all the values of the Max for Live device and the Super JD itself. Set the "MIDI To" dropdown to the MIDI port sending data to the JD990.

"Send Panel" sends saved patch data from the Max for Live device to the synth. Set the "MIDI To" dropdown to the MIDI port sending data to the JD990.


This patch editor supports the 990's unique "Tone Select" feature for easily editing multiple Tones at once, but does so in a slightly different way from the hardware.

The Tone you select using the tabs at the left of the device will always be edited when you make a change to one of its parameters. To edit additional Tones at the same time, click the pencil icon on the tab of one of the inactive Tones. Parameter changes you make will be sent to all active Tones.


If you have questions or feature requests please feel free to contact me:

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Downloads: 355
Tags hardware
Live Version Used: 11.2.7
Max Version Used: 8.5.2
Date Added: Oct 04 2020 18:16:57
Date Last Updated: Jan 08 2023 19:44:41
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: Super JD-990 Editor 2.0.amxd


Very nice!

Thank you for taking the time to create this very useful device. You did a great job with a clean and easy to navigate user interface.

I've owned a JD-990 since they first shipped and being able to access and edit patch parameters within Ableton is a great advance.

My feature request would be to add a button to randomize parameters, even better if you can restrict the randomization to not affect certain parameters such as WG pitch. Always a great way to come up with new patches.

Congratulation on your first device. It's fantastic and works like a charm! Editing patches is a lot more easier and faster. Also the Vintage Synth integration is perfect.

not working , grabbing patch just stays lid , nothing happens , i have monioring on , are there some setting in the jd990 you need to change for this to work

@Kenshi70 Thanks for pointing this out, there is in fact a setting that needs to be made on the JD.

Go to SYSTEM SETUP > Rx MIDI and make sure "Rx Exclusive" is set to "ON-1".

I've added this note to the device description. Feel free to contact me directly if it's still not working:

it worked when i set it to Rx Exlusive "ON-2"

Fantastic plugin and very much appreciated you providing this!

One awesome thing for it would be to support Macro assignment in Live - that would be the icing on the cake for me.

I was so excited to try this, but I cannot get any audio output no matter how hard I try.

I have tested it standalone with a MIDI keyboard - nothing. Adjusted every possible setting, still nothing.

So I attempted to run the AU in Garageband - still nothing! I made sure the plug-in options are selected in the MIDI menu, still no sound. Asking here is my last attempt at getting it to work. JD-990 is my favorite synth so I am desperate to have it work. Thank you for your help.

@knell This device was created to be used inside Ableton Live only, anything other than that might not/probably won't work. I am not 100% sure what you mean by testing it standalone or as an AU in Garageband, but shoot me an email and we can try to figure it out:

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