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Name/Version: ESX8GT Track Helper 1.0
Author: bhenry1790  
Description: Requires Expert Sleepers ES-5 & ESX-8GT expanders.

Use this device with standard Ableton CV Tools to send Gates using the ES-5 or ESX-8GT expanders

Send output from Ableton CV Tools to Audio Tracks in Live, then use the ESX8GT Track Helper to convert the audio signal to gates.

It will create gates from transients in drum audio too!

A little "plumbing" advice:
Create a group of 8 audio tracks. Set the new Audio Tracks to NO INPUT, set monitoring ON.

Drop the ESX8GT Track Helper on the group's master. Choose your ES-5 stereo pair, then your ESX-8GT header.

Choose your 8 audio tracks in the ESX-8GT Track Helper. Now any signal in your audio channels will output to the corresponding jacks!

Let me know if you have any troubles and I'll make a step-by-step video.

*1.1 updated a bunch-o-stuff including a toggle for the ES4/40-ES5

You'll need to add the es*encoder~ externals to Max for these to work.

On a Mac the location for externals (windows will be similar):
Users/Shared/Max 8/Library/

If using with an ES8/9 as an aggregate device turn off DRIFT CORRECTION

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Downloads: 299
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.15.1
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jul 25 2020 07:39:43
Date Last Updated: Dec 19 2020 21:45:40
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: ESX8GT Track Helper.amxd


Thank you so much! Using the ES-9 is pretty straightforward, but the expanders are way trickier for me. I use my modular in quadraphonic and other similar settings, so I need to keep the ES-9 outputs available for audio by sending as much gate and CV outs as possible to the expanders. Your device makes it so much easier. Thanks again!

how do i add add the es*encoder~ externals to Max?

its ok i found the library i needed to add it

for windows


Thank you so much!
Essential device in a hybrid modular configuration without bothering with the Silent Way suite.

I am getting an error when loading these ES-5 devices on my new Mac Studio with M2 architecture saying that I should run Live under Rosetta emulation of Intel platform.

Is there a way to fix this?


I haven't tried these on Apple silicon yet, but it looks like OS updated the externals

Download the latest here:

Those are the externals I installed, the latest version with both intel and arm support... but I still get the error message.

Ah, I'm not sure what could be causing the incompatibility and it's unlikely that I'll upgrade my Mac until next year. Is the Rosetta emulation true of all M4L devices or just a few that I've created? Everything works in Rosetta (for the meantime)?

Hi There! I'm eager to give this device a try because Silent Way is a pain in the butt. I just wanted to comment because I encountered the same issue the marcora describes. I addition to downloading the appropriate externals for Apple Silicon, I also had to edit your device and replace the incompatible externals with the new ones. After I did this and saved the device it is now loading in Ableton running native. Cheers!

And FWIW, Your version of the device did launch when I opened Ableton using rosetta.

Hi Passersby!

could you explain how you edit the devices to make them work?m I got the new externals but I don't know how to edit the devices in maxforlive. if you could help out with a little HOW TO would be really awesome.

thank you

I'm going to update these for Apple Silicon in the next week

It would be great if your fantastic devices could be updated for Apple Silicon... thank you so much for your effort in putting together such a great collection!

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