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Name/Version: Uplifting Bassline 1.1
Author: djfriendzone  
Description: This device is inspired by Dan's "Uplift Arpeggio,"

Intro Video:

* The ability to tie midi notes, which can create some nice syncopated rhythms
* Transport doesn't have to be running to get sound & tighter timing
* The ability to change the number of steps to shorten the pattern (edit the device and look for the number of steps in Live)

It is designed for uplifting trance or rolling basslines, including psytrance, uplifting trance, progressive, etc. In particular, hold down a single note, and the pattern will play through the note on/off, velocity, and octave controls. The octave control allows the note to be pitched up an octave, useful for those rolling basslines. Alternatively, you can simply use the first note to create psytrance style basslines. I made this device because I am switching to Live from FL and everyone knows FL's Piano Roll is better than Live's, so I wanted an easy way to sequence basslines for Uplifting Trance

The Controls:
HOW TO USE (Similar to Dan's Uplift Arpeggio)

* Write a chord progression, and copy in the bass notes into a bass sound with Uplift Bassline (I like writing a chord progression, and copying the subpad or basspad pattern)
* add the device and use the top grid to create a 1 bar long, 16th notes monophonic sequence from the given notes (the first row represents the pitch as is, while the second represents the input note an octave higher). This is basically an arpeggiator, but control over the octave pattern plus on/off control.
* Tweak velocities and select which notes are (or are not) playing using the velocity editor and the little note on/off grid.

And that's pretty much it really... The remaining controls are just the icing on the cake and allow you to:

* Generate random bassline sequences, velocities or note on/off configurations (most randomization functionality can be tweaked/constrained e.g. you can select the range of velocities, or the probability of a "note on")
* Manipulate the note sequence in different ways e.g. shifting the pattern left/right or flipping octaves vertically (please experiment with that, it's easier to play with than it is to explain!)
* Adjust the global note/gate
* Transpose the pattern up/down by semitones (useful because some patches have oscillator semitone adjustments so the whole bassline comes out octaves below or above others)

Once again, huge shoutout to Dan for his awesome arpeggio. This wouldn't have been able to work without him!

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Downloads: 1566
Tags sequencer, utility, other
Live Version Used: 10.1.15
Max Version Used: 8.1.3
Date Added: Jun 29 2020 10:14:18
Date Last Updated: Jul 21 2020 05:58:24
Average Rating (1) 3
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: UpliftBassline_11_Modified.amxd


What do the left and right switches do under Octave and Note On/Off? I keep clicking on them but I don't visually see anything happening or a difference in the sound, so I think I'm using them wrong. Any advice?

Hmmm, they're supposed to rotate the note on/off pattern left and right. I'll take a look at it

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