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Name | Version: PsycoX Sample Driven LFO MIDI 1.0
Author: PsycoX
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: The idea for this was born out of a conversation with Steve Young AKA "Hedflux" a few years ago. It seems that most soft synths today have an almost limitless variety of "VCO" waveshapes but the mighty LFO has been somewhat neglected. Steve suggested how cool it would be to be able to use single cycle, audio waveforms as modulation sources and after a half succesful attempt at a VST (Juce was way beyond me) the idea was shelved. Thank goodness for max!
You can drop any sample into the drop box and save its filepath to any of 100 "Favourites" for instant recall.
Remember to save as a preset once you've populated the Favourites !

AUDIO version also available :)

1000s of free single cycles here:


Live Version Used: 10.1.15
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Jun 21 2020 11:45:04
Date Last Updated: Jun 21 2020 15:39:52
Downloads: 1008
License: None
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Device File: PsyCo-X Sample Driven LFO - MIDI.amxd


Nice i'll try and let you know
Such a simple yet brilliant idea, thanks!

Note to users: While knobs like Rate show only 2 decimals (like 0.02) and the knob precision is low, you can actually click and type values like 0.00009 in most knobs in Live that take a floating number, and it will work at that 0.00009 rate (the knob will show a rounded value).

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