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Name | Version: Moving Average Filter 1.0
Author: kedxu
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Apply a moving average filter to your audio. Outputs the average of consecutive samples within a time window. Its sound shares characteristics with low-pass filters and comb filters.


Live Version Used: 10.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.4
Date Added: May 31 2020 19:08:17
Date Last Updated: Jun 01 2020 16:41:07
Downloads: 426
License: None
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Device File: Moving Average Filter.amxd


I think there's something wrong. I can't load it in Live.
Sorry :(. This is my first attempt at a Max for Live device. Are you on Mac?
Thanks for letting me know about the issue. I re-uploaded the device, not sure why the original was saying zero size.
Yes, I'm on Mac. Many thanks for solving it quickly! Pretty cool filter!

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