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Name/Version: SubHarmoSeq 1.0
Author: TomFromGRP  
Description: This device is a midi sequencer based on the one found on the SubHarmonicon by Moog.
It is designed for happy accidents, that's why notes for each step are displayed as numbers. You can use a midi scale device after the seq to have more control over the accidents.
Consider using an hardware controler. It's working with push, and it's midi mapable.

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Downloads: 1303
Tags sequencer, push
Live Version Used: 10.1.14
Max Version Used: 8.1.3
Date Added: May 22 2020 19:07:45
Date Last Updated: May 22 2020 19:31:18
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

Device Files

Device File: subharmoSeq.amxd


Nice one !

It would be very useful to see actual names of the notes in sequence instead of 'Step 1: 38', 'Step 2: 19', 'Step 2: 63' and so on.

Thanks for your work, non the less :)

this thing is really good and original I just wish it contained even more function ! very good with push2

Device is great! One question - is it possible to map the Seq1 / Seq2 buttons to Push or other MIDI control? I cannot figure out how to do so by editing the Max patch.

Hi! Great work! But for some reason, the sequencer takes a long time to start playing... I don't understand why, am I the only one with this issue? Like i put it on the channel and only after like 1 or 2 min it starts :(


Looks great but for me It doesn't even start...

Maybe I do something wrong...

Thank you for posting anyway !

Edit : It starts but 12 minutes later :))

Was not even thinking about it and then (live was still playing silentlly) a completly crazy arp came out in my living room !

what a surprise !

Hi !
Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback !

I will investigate why it is slow to start or not starting at all. If you could provide me more infos, it would help. Like max version, live version, anything that might be relevent.

Regarding UI improvement:
- mapping seq buttons to push is on my todo list. But it is really a lot of work and research to do on my side, it's not as easy as mapping encoders on push.
- putting number instead of notes is a design choice. I can recommand to use a midi scale effect after the seq, it will help for consistency.

hey tom, how's development going?

I was having issues with all versions of Ableton until now :) and live 10 has imbedded Max :)

Man this is an incredible device. Thanks for the development.

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