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Name | Version: Ghost 1.0
Author: zaSLON
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Ghost allows you to capture each parameter of the device following it and transfer to another device, located on any other Track, Send or Master.

It can be a Midi, Audio or Instrument device.

Just drop Ghost before the desired device. Chose mode using Catch or Control switch. Chose any of 8 channels. Use the big R button to rescan the following device.

Please note, there are some limitations on access to some parameters of the instruments due to Live API midi mapping limitations, which do not affect normal use at all, but in some cases very restrict the use of the Ghost, for example as with Wavetable.

Known minor issues (do not affect normal use):

- Instruments:

-- Operator: some parameters of Global Shell can't be controlled (matrix, voices, retrigger, interpolation, antialias)

-- Sampler: MIDI Routings - can't be controlled, Filter toggle, Voice toggle and Retrigger toggle - can't be controlled

-- Simpler: Classic mode Voices and Retrigger can't be controlled, Slice mode playback switch can't be controlled

- Audio Effects:

-- Multiband Dynamics: High and Low band toggle on/off can't be controlled

-- EQ8: Audition Mode toggle and Analyze toggle can't be controlled

-- Saturator: DC Button can't be controlled

-- Vocoder: Carrier Type, Number of Bands and Bands Amount can't be controlled

Known major issues (may affect normal use):

- Instruments:

-- Wavetable: unfortunately, a lot of functions can't be controlled

- Audio Effects:

-- Spectrum: Device On/Off only can be controlled

-- Tuner: Device On/Off only can be controlled

-- Scale: Note Matrix can't be controlled

-- Looper: not tested

If you found any bug or have any suggestions - please, contact me in any convenient way. Your feedback will be really important to me. Thanks.


Live Version Used: 10
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Apr 05 2020 12:10:43
Date Last Updated: Dec 01 2021 14:50:35
Downloads: 0
License: Commercial
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Hi zaSLON, interesting device, should be very handy with surround work, does it also handle plugins ?
Kind regards, Marcus
Hi Marcus! Yes, it works with Surround Panner. Actually, it works with any device, that has mappable parameters.
commenting for later :)

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