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Name/Version: Alpha Juno Controller 1.4
Author: MacOs922  
Description: So this is a M4L device to control MKS-50 and Alpha Juno 2.



1.4 Streamlined the device significantly which means you can now automate parameters. Delayed a bang so it will update parameters now and not later. Added a speedlim so the device does not corrupt the MIDI stream.

1.3 Included a switchable toggle for selecting pitch bend amount for either the Alpha Juno 1 or Alpha Juno 2. It is located above the panel controlling the pitch bend amount. Also included is the Thunderdome Wizard, hell yeah!

1.2 Included correct number of parameters for HPF

1.1 Fixed pitch bend amount for Alpha Juno 2

The SySex chart for MKS-50 and Alpha Juno available on the net is incomplete, pitchbend amount SySex parameter identifier for Alpha Juno 1 is hex 23, and for Alpha Juno 2 hex 14. Thank you goes out to GearSlutz user mjudge for clearing this up with his Alpha Juno 1. Currently this M4L device is rigged up to ONLY work with Alpha Juno 2, will correct this in future update with a switchable toggle between the two synths parameter identifiers.


No preset functionality and if you move dials on your Juno the software will not listen and pick up the parameter value. Its not functionality i have use for so dont expect it in the future.

Thank you to Redhexagonal for the function visualizing the ENV.

Have fun with your synth!

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Downloads: 284
Tags hardware
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.0
Date Added: Mar 10 2020 16:26:49
Date Last Updated: Mar 19 2020 20:53:54
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: alpha juno controller.amxd


Thank you for this!! Works perfectly :) .

Can I suggest adding a "master bang" to all the controls? So that when you press it, you send all the current values of the dials and so forth. That way, you could actually make "presets" by just saving different instances of the patch in your plug-ins library and then just bang everything after you've inserted it into your midi track! Is also handy if you've for some reason lost connection to the Juno, and want to send all the commands it has missed.

@TanteRouge, this is exactly want i wanted to program for a max for live device for my Tanzbar, do you know of other max for live devices that have a "master bang" button? I was thinking the button needs to send a + 1 and -1 cc to all the parameters. I've just looked into to programming for max for live.

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