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Name | Version: Launchpad Stepsequencer 2
Author: koon
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This device turns the Launchpad into a drum stepsequencer. the sequence ist stored in a midi clip, so it is always in sync with ableton (unlike some external hardware, unfortunately). works much like the push.
I've only used it with the launchpad mini mk3, but I think it can easily be adopted for the others.

If you need help or have issues, please contact me and I try to improve the device.
However, I'm a musician, not a programmer... ;)


Live Version Used: 11.2.6
Max Version Used: 8.3.3
Date Added: Feb 28 2020 21:15:39
Date Last Updated: Nov 10 2022 12:40:29
Downloads: 2659
License: AttributionNonCommercial
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Device File: Launchpad Stepsequencer 2.alp


Hi koon!

Thank you for sharing the device!
I am interested in this device.
But the device file was not found in the downloaded data.

Would you check it?

Hi, I just updated the demo .alp today. Maybe you still got the old one? Could check again, please? In the new demo set here should be three operators in the drum set. And the M4L midi devices should be included.
Thank you for updating!
The device was included!
I'll try using!
Wow! i'm really grateful for this device!!!, I just make this work with another midi controller (Numark Orbit).

I think this could work with any other midi controller, so i'm gonna post the Notes:

Sequencer (Step 1 to 16): 68 (G#3) to 83 (B4)
(Step 17 to 32): 84 (C5) to 99 (D#6)

Drum Rack (from bottom to top): 36 (C1) to 51 (D#2)

Special actions:
Arm Track: 64 (E3)
Loop Length: 67 (G3)
Play Clip: 60 (C3)
Mute: 52 (E2)
Unmute all: 55 (G2)

and again, thank you for this device!!

there is error messages on ableton 10 lite

it says "the following devices cannot be used:
Max MIDI effect

and none of the buttons are lighting up only one in top left corner

please can you help

Hello, sorry if this is a nonsense question, is this script usable in ableton 11? i'm thinking of buying a launchpad mini just for this script.

I love this, used it a lot.
But now running it on Live 11.1.6 with Launchpad Mini Mk3 causes random program crashes.
Could you maybe have a look into this?
Will paypal you a coffee money :D

Finally I've made an update. It's now working in Live 11 and got some new features.
I tried to install the new version, but an error appears (Live 11.1.1)

"Unknown class "int64Metadatum" found"

Unfortunately, I have no idea what that means. I am using Live 11.2.6 Maybe updating will solve it?
hey does anybody tried it at ableton 12?
I think it does not work

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