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I tried to install the new version, but an error appears (Live 11.1.1)

"Unknown class "int64Metadatum" found"


Wow! i'm really grateful for this device!!!, I just make this work with another midi controller (Numark Orbit).

I think this could work with any other midi controller, so i'm gonna post the Notes:

Sequencer (Step 1 to 16): 68 (G#3) to 83 (B4)
(Step 17 to 32): 84 (C5) to 99 (D#6)

Drum Rack (from bottom to top): 36 (C1) to 51 (D#2)

Special actions:
Arm Track: 64 (E3)
Loop Length: 67 (G3)
Play Clip: 60 (C3)
Mute: 52 (E2)
Unmute all: 55 (G2)

and again, thank you for this device!!