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Name/Version: Hydrasynth Max Controller 1.0
Author: godbeat  
Description: Hydrasynth Controller 0.8f

Almost done!!

New Functions

- Update to the new Firmware 1.40 with the New Mutator & Noise Types
- Envs & Lfos working
- Pre-FX & Post- FX Section
- Push: Disabled temporaly.. will be back soon
- Program Change (revise you have the ProgramChange on page 6 of system Midi)
- Macro Controls

To Do: Matrix Mod, Bidirectional Control

Throw it on a MIDI Channel, select de Hydra port output and arm the track

If you want yo help me, no doubt in contact!


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Downloads: 428
Tags hardware
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Feb 28 2020 13:17:53
Date Last Updated: Apr 15 2020 08:34:00
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): Attribution

Device Files

Device File: HydraSynthMax_08final.amxd


Any chance of adding preset change?
thanks for this!

Is still in progress... perhaps add present change in the next version

Great work with the update!
Thank you!

Thank you! Please keep up the good work. Bi-Directional would be amazing!

Currently having a problem: The MIDI data going into the Controller (notes) are not passed through the rest of the chain. I placed it in front of a External Instrument (that works with Hydra, by itself) but as soon as i place your device in front of it the notes are no longer send (dont reach the External Instrument). Would be cool if you could let the notes through. The controls seem to work in both cases! Must be just the note data - or i do something wrong.

HI ksbmax,

i think the problem is in the IN & OUT midi object, is not connect as they must... Is resolved in the new version (plus another things like LFOS for automat parameters), but i have no time to finish it.. is in a 40% reworked.

HMU at my username at gmail. I'd like to help you get this working with the release of 1.5! Have the keyboard version.


looks nice, but did not get it to work. Live 11 and Hydra 1.5.5

No midi connection - no response to incoming (CC/NRPN) and is not sending any midi

a shame, looks really nice

Any Chance to get it working ?

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