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Roland TB-03 Max Controller Version 1.0
Roland Aira TB-3 Version 1.60
Roland Aira TB-3 Version 1.60
Hydrasynth Max Controller Version 1.0

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HI ksbmax,

i think the problem is in the IN & OUT midi object, is not connect as they must... Is resolved in the new version (plus another things like LFOS for automat parameters), but i have no time to finish it.. is in a 40% reworked.

Is still in progress... perhaps add present change in the next version

yes sir!! now it's working! amazing job :-)

I'm doing something wrong :-(
Windows Ableton 10.1, i load a folder with samples but no sound.. i try a sequence with different octaves but i can't hear anything.
The only that i can hear is the subtone when i change the volume.

any chance to get the device again? It's deleted from dropbox :-(

i think i'm doing something wrong...

Sometimes the "from" value gets random numbers, specially if you put the device on the same track.

I'm using the 3 and 4 track with samples, i put the Randy effect on 5 track and plat... the "from"changes randomly

Ableton 10, Windows

Thanks Braindub!