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Name/Version: MiniloCC XD 3.4
Author: vaneeten  
Description: Summary

This Max4Live device provides full resolution (up to 10 bit) CC playback for all the pots of the wonderful Korg Minilogue XD synthesizer - now including support for the Ableton Push 2 controller!

Since version 3.0 of MiniloCC XD, every dial in the device also supports recording. This includes all the corrections for the non-linear Pitch, EG_INT and Delay time controls.

Version 3.4 adds support for the Shift-Shape dial and the Multiengine Type dial. All MiniloCC XD's dials have been assigned to a convenient collection of banks for the Push 2 controller. A new Manual override button allows playback and
recording of CC messages while transport is not running.

To prevent infinite midi loopback, MiniloCC XD has two separate modes: Playback and Recording. Activating recording automatically arms the track. You can use this to sync the dials of MiniloCC XD with the pots on the Minilogue XD: every pot you turn is reflected on MiniloCC XD, and the corresponding section is automatically enabled.


Instead of providing only 7 bit values (0-127), this device allows the Ableton automation lanes to send 10 bit values. The control values match the values you see on the display of the Minilogue XD, which is 0 to 1023 for most controls.

For the Pitch and EG INT controls, we took another very useful step:

The Pitch controls represent the actual detune in cents, using a piecewise linear model, conform the display of the Minilogue XD. A pitch sweep using these Pitch controls sounds smooth and also linear (!), something that cannot be achieved using Ableton's native CC automation. You can hear the difference on SoundCloud!
The non-linear EG-INT control also has a dedicated (square-root) model to better match the display of the Minilogue XD, and the Delay time control supports the piecewise linear model inside your Minilogue XD.
Since version 3.0, the inverse of these models is applied to the recording mode of MiniloCC XD.

The new Auto mute function makes it much easier to use the Minilogue XD for multiple tracks. Typically, you would want one track to play at a time because the Minilogue XD is monotimbral so it can only play one patch at a time. Just muting the other tracks in Ableton does not help, as it only prevents audio output but it won’t prevent MIDI data to be sent to the Minilogue XD.

The solution is ‘Auto mute’: by placing a MiniloCC XD device on each of the tracks that you route to the Minilogue XD, and having the ‘Auto mute’ enabled on each of the tracks, you can now properly mute the tracks that you don’t want to play.

You can store the active state of the dials in by clicking the STORE button in the PRESET section and automatically reload the saved state every you stop playback. This is very useful for initializing all dials at the start of a track!

The Rate limit can be used to reduce the midi data stream in case it overloads the buffer.

If you have any questions about the software, it's functionality or usage please contact me BEFORE purchase, as I cannot offer refunds on software downloads.

Required Software: Ableton Live 10 Suite (tested with 10.1.5 and 10.1.9)

Required Hardware: Korg Minilogue XD (FW 2.1)
Optional Hardware: Ableton Push 2 controller

This product is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Korg.

Change log:

* Added dials for the Shift-Shape and Multi Type controls
* Added manual override to send controls while playback is stopped
* Added bank assignments for the Ableton Push 2 controller

* Bugfix for detection of playback mode
* Implemented workaround for reliable real-time CC recording.
In stopped mode, CC recording is still 10-bit (except portamento).
* Added tutorial on real-time recording

* Sends actual state of control dials for all enabled sections when playback starts.
* Preset system allows saving and loading of the current state of all dials,
with the 'Auto load' function loading the saved state at start and stop.
* New 'Auto mute' function, which can be enabled, blocks all midi output when a track is muted.
This allows you to have several tracks routed to the Minilogue XD and playback one at a time.
Tip: put a MiniloCC XD device on each track routed to the MiniloCC XD, just for this feature!
* Removed 'All notes off' to make room for Auto mute, as Ableton already does this for you (Stop button).
Also reorganized this section for a more useful layout.

* Improved rejection of incomplete CC data in recording mode.

* Added recording mode for all dials, with automatic track arming.

* Changed EG-INT to floating point datatype, which works better in Ableton. Changed labels for several dials to ensure that each automation lane has a unique name.

* Added support for the effects controls, with Delay time control ranging from 30 to 654 ms, to match the display of Minilogue XD


* Changed ableton control range from 0.0-127.0 to 0-1023, to match the display of Minilogue XD
* Implemented Pitch control in cents, ranging from -1200 to 1200, to match the display of Minilogue XD
* Implemented non-linear EG INT control, ranging from -100.0% to 100.0% (square-root approximation)


Initial version

Device Details

Tags utility, hardware
Live Version Used: 10.1.15
Max Version Used: 8.1.3
Date Added: Feb 13 2020 20:30:20
Date Last Updated: Jul 25 2020 20:43:39
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


I bought your MiniloCC a few weeks ago. I have a question. Is it possible to synchronize miniloCC commands with the Minilogue XD? Basically when I move the filter button on the minilogue I would like it to move on the MiniloCC as well. For the moment I assign the miniloCC filter button at noon to a button of an external midi controller and suddenly I pilot the minilogue from an external controller which is not the most intuitive. thank you in advance


Hello Gwen,

Thank you for purchasing MiniloCC XD. This idea is something that I seriously considered. However, real-time synchronization of the device with incoming control data would cause
an infinite MIDI loop: the Minilogue XD would send a control change, the dial on MiniloCC XD would change to reflect this change, this change would be output to the Minilogue XD, etc.

Until someone finds a way to avoid this infinite loop, the best you can do is read the control value from the display of the Minilogue XD and manually set the dial on MiniloCC XD to the same value.

On another note, I am considering to implement a one-shot controller synchronization by parsing sysex received from the Minilogue XD, but that's a whole new level of difficult so please don't expect that
anytime soon.


Due to frequent requests, synchronizing MiniloCC XD with the Minilogue XD, and real-time recording to automation lanes is now possible in version 3.0!

To avoid the mentioned infinite MIDI loop, MiniloCC XD has a switch to select recording mode or playback mode.


Perfect device to fully integrate your Minilogue XD into Live, and super responsive customer service (and free updates)! Never knew a max4live device could be so refreshing.

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