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About vaneeten: Music apprentice in a world of wizards. Developer of Max for Live device MiniloCC XD.
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MiniloCC XD Version 3.4

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Due to frequent requests, synchronizing MiniloCC XD with the Minilogue XD, and real-time recording to automation lanes is now possible in version 3.0!

To avoid the mentioned infinite MIDI loop, MiniloCC XD has a switch to select recording mode or playback mode.


Hello Gwen,

Thank you for purchasing MiniloCC XD. This idea is something that I seriously considered. However, real-time synchronization of the device with incoming control data would cause
an infinite MIDI loop: the Minilogue XD would send a control change, the dial on MiniloCC XD would change to reflect this change, this change would be output to the Minilogue XD, etc.

Until someone finds a way to avoid this infinite loop, the best you can do is read the control value from the display of the Minilogue XD and manually set the dial on MiniloCC XD to the same value.

On another note, I am considering to implement a one-shot controller synchronization by parsing sysex received from the Minilogue XD, but that's a whole new level of difficult so please don't expect that
anytime soon.