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Name/Version: color colorer - color regions instantly 1.0
Author: Jwalrus  
Description: T: Damn I wish I could color regions instantly by clicking a key on my computer keyboard here rather than laboriously right clicking and then selecting from a whole range of super icky default ableton colors.
R: I've got just the thing.
T: You mean you spent hours making a max patch that does this?
R: Yep.
T: What a waste of time.

1. Assign each of these color swaths to any key on your computer keyboard (using command+K)
2. Select the color you want each key to correspond to, using the circle in the upper lefthand corner of each swath.
3. To color a region, just select it and press any of the previously assigned computer keys.

I wanted it for comping, to quickly label parts that were good. Maybe you do too. We can be friends.

It can only color one region at a time.
It will color the whole region, so if you want a segment of the region colored, you have to cut it first (command+e), then color.
Make sure you assign your key to the color swath, not the upper-left color selecting ring button guy. If a color wheel comes up when you're trying to color a region, that's why.

I PERSONALLY recommend putting it on your default session's master track. (It doesn't matter where you put it by the way.) And have keys then pre-assigned to colors. But you don't have to take my advice now do you, no sir.


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Downloads: 241
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.4
Date Added: Feb 04 2020 20:23:35
Date Last Updated: Feb 04 2020 23:28:47
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: colors raining colorpicker3.4®.amxd


Is this working for you? I've selected custom colors, but they all seem to still just be the Ableton colors.

yeah the colors round to the nearest color in the ableton palate, if that's what you mean. that's something deeper about the way the app is programmed that i do not know and didn't think was worth digging into. *heart*

Ah, i see. Any chance you can update it to add 8 / 16 color options? Maybe a toggle to switch between 4/8/16?

Would be great to assign the 16 pads of the LaunchKey Mini to 16 colors.

Great little device tho. Thanks! :)

Amazing, had to dig a bit to find this.

This will save me a ton of time when comping.

Thanks for making this!

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