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Name | Version: jugbeat 1.2.4
Author: Empytree
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: jugbeat is a free looper device, which is built around the idea of beat manipulating you might have seen in mlr and similar programs. Following the beat and tempo of your Ableton song, it constantly records incoming audio stream to the internal bar-fold long buffer. Eight equal slices (for 4/4 time signature) of the looped buffer are mapped across eight buttons, inviting you to recall selected beats with proper quantization. Playback can be stuttered and reversed. The buffer can be locked for a while, therefore providing elementary looper capabilities.

jugbeat comes in two implementations - 'Solo' device and much more powerful controller versions (featuring master device that conducts an orchestra of controller-specific track devices).

Launchpad (by Novation) is the only controller supported by now, as it is the sole grid controller I own. Probably the device would also work for Launchpad Mini and Launchpad Pro.

Tech demo:

I am highly interested in creating versions for other popular grid controllers, Ableton Push in the first place. I need to purchase those, so I humbly ask for targeted donations. Core device will also grow strong, sequencer is a priority goal.

Project page:
GitHub page:
Please, donate:

Written in Max 5.1.9, tested in Ableton Live 8.2.5.
Briefly tested in Max 7.0.3 and Live 9.1.7.
Tested with automation in Max 8.0.2 and Live 10.0.6.

jugbeat is currently beta. Do not hesitate to report bugs as GitHub issues or via credentials specified in LICENSE file.


Live Version Used: 8.2.5
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Jan 03 2020 01:19:40
Date Last Updated: Jun 20 2022 21:50:51
Downloads: 2153
License: None
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Hey there

Thanks for contributing. I've been looking for this type of looper for ages. I immediately downloaded it and hooked it up to my launchpad mini. Implementation works really well. The slots are being triggered properly. BUT there is no sound coming from the buffer. Audio seems to be recorded. At least this is what the waveform is telling me, but upon pressing a button on the launchpad audio just drops out and then jumps back to the input audio. I've not hooked up my laptop to a proper audio card for the test though. Instead, I've been trying it out on an ASIO4all driver. Might that be the problem?
Hey KeyFrey! That's not a driver fault for sure. Please, write me something here:

We'll try together to work out this problem!
Nice patch, thank you! What "seq" button does? It seems like it doesn't work at all. I would really like a built in sequencer in jugbeat solo. Or at least the ability to control the buffer via MIDI from another channel. I don't have a launchpad, but I want to be able to program a buffer playback.
Hey, denbuter! The disabled 'seq' button foreshadow future built-in sequencer.

Shame on me! And thank you for the idea! I totally forgot about MIDI power. Of course there should be a MIDI controlled version, I'll think of its design!
Well, Max for Live do not support MIDI input in audio effects. And building separate MIDI-device sending data to audio-device will introduce unnecessary latency, critical for buffer controls. Future built-in sequencer will only apply.
Hey, Empytree
No problem, I think built-in sequencer is enough
But I wonder if it's possible to create sequencer in mlr-like-style?
I watch this video and I notice that mlr has a feature which allows to record a certain sequence of actions, I hope you understand what I mean (at 2:30)
Hey, denbuter! Sequencer is yet a subject to design. I don't know details of sequencer in mlr, but I think it should be easy and clear. Ideally it should lay down in one button approach.
Hey there! Love the plugin! I Have on suggestion. Id like to change the tempo of ableton while having the tempo of the held look follow WITHOUT changing the pitch of the stretched audio. Abletons looper has this limitation and im looking for a way around it. So far yours is the closest thing iv found
Hey, filliptm! I'm sorry, but the plugin is intended to be used with fixed tempo. I've never tested tempo changes.
Is launchpad mini mk3 ok for this patch?
Hey, justix66! I think LP mini is ok! Give it a try!
Thanks but the mk3 comes with preset for the user page different from the previous one, now they ship the grid with a pre custom page such as Drum Keys ( that usually was user 2 ) and a user page empty but customizable through their component software.. sadly is not happening
Oh! I really feel for you! Unfortunately, I can't adapt the device to hardware I don't own.
Bonjour! Comment l'instaler avec un Launchpad Mk2 et Ableton 10.0.6 ???
Je met le :
amxd MASTER sur la piste master Ableton
amxd TRACK sur une piste Ableton

Je met l'option "launchpad Mk2" sur amxd MASTER et amxd TRACK

J'appuis sur utilisateur 2 de mon Launchpad mk2

mais rien ne fonctionne... Help ??


Try the following:
1) Create new Live set;
2) Open MIDI preferences;
3) Change control surface for your device from "Launchpad MK2" to "Launchpad";
4) OR - even add another control surface "Launchpad" with the same input and output;
5) Try to put .amxd devices to tracks, and select "Launchpad" there.

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