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Name/Version: ReTrig 1.0
Author: tu  
Description: ReTrig is a MaxForLive device based on the concept of random voltage triggering found in eurorack modules. Its purpose is to generate random and always changing pattern of notes. It behaves similarly to an arpeggiator but instead of repeating notes in a sequence the device holds and retriggers each incoming MIDI Note separately at a random speed, creating a more complex rhythmic pattern.  

Device Details

Tags sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, hardware
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Dec 28 2019 15:47:16
Date Last Updated: Feb 22 2021 08:00:44
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


It would be nice if you'd answer your messages... Still waiting for Simmer... bought at the beginning of the month and not yet delivered (with a delivery date mentionned as being 10 days ago).

Update : thx to Alex the dev, who delivered the products ! :)

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