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Simmer Version 2.0
Slivers Version 1.0
ReTrig Version 1.0
LiveGrain Version 1.0
Hpeggiator Version 1.0
Liquid Drums Version 1.0
URL-1 Version 1.0
Cicada Version 1.0
Vela Version 1.0
Krynn Version 1.0

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For now the device doesn't have a zoom factor, it is not possible to implement them when they are opened inside ableton!

Thanks a lot! =)

Hey! Yes of course, you can find some more demo's over on our instagram page (, and we'll soon post them on youtube as well!

Being in the "merch" section of bandcamp, the device can't be directly uploaded on the website, so it must be sent manually via email. So when there's a lot of orders it takes a little bit of time to process it!

Sorry for the delay everyone, the demos of the device are up!