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Name/Version: CV Quantizer 1.52
Author: haridaniel0  
Description: This device can help in quantization and discretization of CV signals (ableton automation and mapping).


- Quantization of input CV by tempo sync.
- Snapping input CV to discrete values.

- Map output CV to any ableton device parameter.

see also: CV-Shaper

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Downloads: 972
Tags lfo, utility, other
Live Version Used: 10.1.9
Max Version Used: 8.1.0
Date Added: Dec 21 2019 16:29:05
Date Last Updated: May 13 2023 15:00:15
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None

Device Files

Device File: CV-Quantizer-1.52.amxd


Hi, thank you for the device. Super useful. I noticed the min and max values are not being saved with the live set. Would you have an idea on how to fix that?

hm, I take that back.. I think the problem is on my end. ha!

Sorry for late reply, (I haven't got any email of your message). I am happy that it is works, and feel free to contact again of any issues, thanks!

1.51 :
- Multimap fixed
- Added Dry/Wet

Good stuff.

- More precision: (CV Input dial value type changed Integer -> Float)

Greetings, love the device, I use it all the time!

I've noticed that any mapping after the top one doesn't work in Live suite 11.3. I'm an experienced programmer though very new to max, so I can try to take a look at it. But if you're already aware of the issue and have a fix that would be great

Thanks very much

Thanks Man!

If you can fix it and send me back I upload it. But it should be backward compatible with 10 if possible. I am programmer also but currently doing other things in the World.

The problem was that some objects inside the multimap bpatcher did not have the ~ at the end of the name (indicating that it's an MSP object that can handle audio rate signals?), so no data was flowing out of those objects. Changing the names fixed it.

Not sure if it works with Live 10 since my installation of 10 is sharing the user library with live 11 and crashes when I load certain m4l devices including cv-quantizer.

Also not sure how to get the fixed device to you

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