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Name/Version: Exclusive subtrack 1.0
Author: sblakely  
Description: This device is placed on a group track. All of the subtracks in the group will be muted, apart from one. As tracks are unmuted, the other tracks will be muted - there can be only one.

The intention is that this will be used for controlling a set with ClyphX Pro. ClyphX can be set to not run actions on muted tracks, so using Exclusive allows one (and only one) ClyphX action to be selected per Scene. Because the device uses observers, any midi or keyboard control can be attached to the track mute buttons.
This way a set of scenes can be navigated, looped, skipped or jumped as defined in a group of subtracks that can be folded away and monitored from the group track.

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Downloads: 173
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.1
Date Added: Oct 30 2019 08:54:41
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: Exclusive.amxd


Fantastic. thank you!

Very interesting, I didn't know Clyphx could be set up this way, I learn new things about it all the time.

@sblakely - what is your particular use case that made you develop this device? Description is good, but my mind is wandering with all the different potential uses.

I'm wondering if the track mute status can be linked somehow to the track's clip playing status to effectively make a sort of track choke effect. I know @Miakdo made a this 8 Track Choke Clip device, but it's limited to the first 8 tracks of a set, which isn't always desirable, so this could potentially be one use to remedy that.

@itsBREX - sorry I never saw your comment. I haven't been back here for some time and notifications were disabled.

So the use case is flexible set flow.

I have a group of tracks containing four or five control tracks.
With ClyphX, the clip name contains instructions - play this, adjust that etc.
By setting an option in ClyphX, only the unmuted track commands get actioned.

So for each Scene, I can have different outcomes based on which track is not muted - play next scene, loop this scene, jump to chorus, jump to bridge, hold on the solo until I am ready, jump to the end. Using an FCB-1010 footpedal mapped to the track mute buttons, I can rearrange the set elements as I perform.

From a programming perspective, it's a finite state machine with tracks in the exclusive group acting as the "state" variable.

I have another set of Python extensions to ClyphX that allow me to record on the fly into layered clips - like looping, but with the ability to undo and change tempo. That bit isn't working so well yet, but I'll revisit it soon.

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