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Name/Version: Factorsynth 2.0
Author: jjburred  
Description: Factorsynth uses a data analysis algorithm called matrix factorization to decompose any audio clip into a set of temporal and spectral elements. By rearranging and modifying these elements you can do powerful transformations to your clips, such as removing notes or motifs, creating new ones, randomizing melodies or timbres, changing rhythmic patterns, remixing loops in real time, creating complex sound textures...  

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Tags synth, effect, glitch, other
Live Version Used: 9.7.5
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Sep 26 2019 20:52:02
Date Last Updated: Jul 15 2020 21:30:14
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


1) Is there a bundled price? You know, for folks who want the factor synth, but have applications when a more lean device is the right tool? Or are both properly sandboxed, with sections or steps that can be deactivated, with easily closable panels?
2) the cross-synth, is there a morph dial or a cross fader between the master and the cued up syn section? That's kind of a greenie question, but I'm just wondering if a concept of two turntable decks could be analogous within the device itself, or am I routing instances of this to tracks, or multi routing one device?
3) is this a mouse and click affair? Or can I see much of the playability of this on a midi controller?

hey @braduro, thanks for your interest!

1) everything you can do with Factormini, you can do with Factorsynth aswell, and if you're using the same parameters (8 components max, no x-syn section), there will be almost no difference in CPU or memory consumption. There are no closable panels, but the main interface window is resizable, so you could hide the x-syn section if not used. In other words: there is really no reason to get Factormini if you already have Factorsynth.

2) there's no cross-fader control between master and x-syn, just individual volume controls for each section. That's actually a good idea, i'll put that on the TODO list for future versions :) As for the routing: each instance of Factorsynth sends a stereo output to its current track, there is (for now) no possibility of re-routing the individual sections or components.

3) You can definitely use midi controllers. The first 8x8 buttons on each matrix, aswell as most device parameters, are midi-mappable through Live. For a couple of controllers (Launchpad, Push..) the mapping to the matrix buttons should work automatically.

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